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Jerry Blavat Cause of Death: Everything You Need to Know!

Jerry Blavat, a disc jockey from the United States who was also a local celebrity in Philadelphia and a member of the Philadelphia Music Alliance Hall of Fame, passed away at the age of 82. The radio broadcaster first gained notoriety for his ability to host live dances in his community, which ultimately led to the launch of his own radio show.

It is also said that he was responsible for bringing several bands that are now well-known to the attention of the general public, such as the Four Seasons and the Isley Brothers. Jerry was able to carve out a successful career in the music industry thanks to his lifelong love of music, particularly “oldies.” What brought his passing away? The following is an explanation of what fans need to know regarding “the Geator with the Heater.”

Jerry Blavat Cause of Death

The Philadelphia Action News reports that Jerry passed away at the Jefferson-Methodist Hospital at 3:45 in the morning. His death was primarily attributable to the health condition known as myasthenia gravis, which is characterized by a disruption in the communication that occurs between the nerves and the muscles in the body. According to the outlet, Jerry was also suffering from additional health problems that were related to his condition.

Jerry Blavat Cause of Death

Those who have been following Jerry’s tour schedule may be taken aback to hear about his deteriorating condition. According to his website, he had a concert scheduled to take place on January 28 at the Kimmel Cultural Campus, but he had to cancel it because of the issues that stemmed from a torn shoulder injury.

In addition to his work in radio, Jerry was a guest star on a number of different television shows over the course of his career. Some of these shows include The Joey Bishop Show, The Tonight Show, The Mod Squad, and The Monkees. In addition to that, you can catch him in cameo roles in the movies “Desperately Seeking Susan,” “Baby It’s You,” and “Cookie.”

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Jerry made the purchase of a nightclub in Margate, New Jersey, in 1972, and he gave it the name Memories. During an interview that took place in 2022 with The New Jersey Stage, Jerry reflected on the numerous renowned people that he had become friends while working at the nightclub.

“Everyone has had that experience. There, my mother prepared meals for Sinatra (Frank). In addition, she prepared meals for Sammy Davis Jr. while she was there. There was a performance by Chuck Berry, “he said. When Jerry was barely 13 years old, in 1953, he joined the original American Bandstand as a dancer alongside DJ Bob Horn and Lee Stewart.

This experience sparked Jerry’s interest in the music industry and led him to pursue a career in the field. According to Philadelphia Action News, the producers of the show were aware that he was underage, but despite this fact, they allowed him to continue participating in the show by selecting records. After waiting until 1960 to make his debut, Jerry began his career in radio.

Keely Stahl, his long-term spouse, as well as Jerry’s four kids, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, will carry on after Jerry’s passing. It is not known at this time whether or not there will be a memorial service open to the public for Jerry.

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