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Kingdom Business Season 2: All You Need to Know!

Today we talk about Kingdom Business Season 2 . John Sakmar and Kerry Lenhart created the musical drama series The Kingdom Business. This eight-part series delves deeper into the world of music through the prisms of family, faith, love, and power. The drama, which is similar to Empire, exposes how rivalries between two people for prosperity and power can be detrimental to everyone.

The series unveils numerous dark realities about the gospel industry that will leave your eyes watering! DeVon Franklin is in charge of only a few initiatives. It was previously slated for production at NBC in 2019-20, but it is now ready to join the BET+ lineup since the show has received approval to begin streaming all of its episodes this month. Continue reading to learn more!

Release Date For Kingdom Business Season 2

The first season of this drama series, which will take us inside the world of music, is planned to premiere on May 19, 2022. King Business will join Tyler Perry’s drama series Ruthless on BET+. However, there is no official word on when the sequel season would be released.

After the first season has run for a bit, there is a chance that we will hear something about Season 2. Kingdom Business Season 1 will premiere on May 19, 2022. The release date for Kingdom Business Season 2 has not yet been confirmed.

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Story Of Kingdom Business Season 2

The plot revolves around the reigning Gospel queen, Denita Jordan, and her ex-boyfriend and producer, Caesar, who built and started her music career. Denita is a brilliant woman who manages a megachurch and is desperate to protect her family and its not-so-pleasant secrets in order to keep her kingdom.

She is a “superstar” whose music is known all over the world. Her husband Caesar is a bishop in the first kingdom, but it makes no difference to Jordan. She is a true leader with zero tolerance for her family and employees.

Kingdom Business Season 2

However, things take an unexpected turn when a new woman, “Rebel,” enters Jordan’s life. She is now threatened by this young woman who was formerly an exotic dancer and is destined to defy Gospel Music standards. The show progresses as we observe the music industry from behind the scenes and the tensions that come with fame, money, power, and success.

Season 2 Cast Of Kingdom Business

Kingdom Business will star Yalanda Adams as Denita Jordan, as well as other incredible recurring artists such as Tamar Braxton as Sasha, La’Miya Good as Essence, Aspen Kennedy as Zyan, Kiandra Richardson as C.J. Jordan-Walker, Kajuana Shuford Marie as Dani, and Sam Malone as Dex. Chandra A. Hall-Broomfield plays Taj Jordan, while Michael Jai White plays Julius Caesar Jones.

They will be executive producers alongside multi-grammy award winner Kirk Franklin, best-selling author and motivational speaker DeVon Franklin, Holly Carter, and Michael Van on the project created by John Sakmar and Kerry Lenhart. DAE light media also produces the series.

Trailer For Kingdom Business Season 2

The Season 1 trailer was recently uploaded on YouTube, and it received positive feedback from people. Fans were seen appealing in the comments not to cancel the performance at any cost. “This seems powerful, I’m excited to watch!” said one of the many comments on the teaser.

Some fans have also stated that they are not religious but are looking forward to watching Kingdom Business. While some people disliked the series’ resemblance to Empire. However, based on the comments to the trailer, it can be stated that fans have great expectations for Kingdom Business Season 1. However, we won’t know whether or not the program lives up to the hype until it’s released!

Where Can You Find Kingdom Business Season 2 Online?

The first season’s episodes will be available on the BET+ streaming service beginning on Thursday.

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