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Lance Kerwin Salem’s Lot Actor Dead At 62

According to John Boitano, Lance Kerwin, an actor who was most known for his part in the television miniseries “Salem’s Lot” and other notable series throughout the 1970s, has passed away. Boitano is the talent agency for Kerwin. He was 62.

There was no mention made of the circumstances surrounding his passing. Kerwin got his start in the entertainment industry by making guest appearances on a number of different television episodes, some of which include “Little House on the Prairie,” “Wonder Woman,” and “The Bionic Woman.”

In addition, he had roles in several episodes of the anthology series “ABC After School Specials,” which was aimed at children and adolescents and also featured Jodie Foster and other notable actors. The product of Southern California enjoyed success as an adolescent actor throughout the decade of the 1970s.

He is best known for his role as Ramey Holvak in “The Family Holvak,” a television series set in the 1930s and revolves around a reverend who is having trouble providing for his family. In addition, he had a starring role in the television series “James at 15,” which aired in 1977 and was about a boy coming of age. The series was renowned for its accurate portrayal of adolescent life, something that was uncommon on television at the time.

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Tobe Hooper was the director of the 1979 television version of Stephen King‘s novel “Salem’s Lot,” which starred Kerwin, who went on to act in the adaptation. In the miniseries that was shown on CBS, he portrayed the part of young Mark Petrie, who was tasked with assisting in the protection of his village from the hands of malevolent vampires. Because of his involvement in the fan-favorite miniseries, he is frequently invited to participate in horror conventions.

After appearing in the movie “Outbreak” in 1995, his next professional credit won’t come until the film “The Wind and the Reckoning,” which will star Johnathon Schaech, in 2022. Create an account at CNN.com to gain access to other CNN content and newsletters.

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