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Liver King: Height, Age, Net Worth& More!

Have you noticed a jacked, bearded dude taking over your Instagram feed, lifting insane amounts of weight, and devouring ridiculous amounts of raw meat? He refers to himself as the Liver King, and he lives his life in a very precise way, foregoing modern conveniences in favor of old-school ways of life, just as our forefathers did.

The man chooses to consume liver on a regular basis, praising it for its nutritious qualities, which is one of the reasons he calls himself the Liver King. He’s also extolled the virtues of eating animal testicles. But who is Liver King, what are his themes, how did he make his money, and where does he live? Allow us to respond to all of these questions and more.

Who Is The Liver King?

Liver King, actual name Brian Johnson, is a social media star that promotes the Ancestral Lifestyle as a way to be physically and psychologically fit. He nicknames himself the Liver King because he enjoys consuming pig liver as a nutritious source of sustenance.

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While he is a frequent social media user, information about his personal life is limited. He calls his wife “Liver Queen” and his sons “Savage Liver Boys.” What we do know about Liver King is that he is the CEO of four different firms, all of which sell and market vitamins and protein powders that promise to help you get as ripped as him. Liver King associates these products with his promotion of an Ancestral Lifestyle.

What Is The Ancestral Lifestyle Of Liver King?

The self-proclaimed Liver King devised his Ancestral Lifestyle program, based on 9 ancestral beliefs, since “the human body has been perfectly conditioned for an environment that no longer exists.” He goes on to say, “By living ancestrally, we eliminate hurdles to true health and happiness.” We rewrite the mismatch between who we are and our surroundings.”

Liver King Height, Age, Net Worth& More!

What Is Liver King’s Age?

The exact date of birth of Liver King is unclear. However, he was 44 at the time of publication, according to a BuzzFeed News report published in March 2022.

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What Is Liver King’s Height?

Again, Liver King’s official height is unclear, however, some Reddit users claim he is around 5ft 6in or 5ft 7in / 1.7m.

Net Worth of Liver King

Liver King’s net worth is believed to be $1 million. The majority of his fortune stems from his supplement companies, the most well-known of which is Ancestral Supplements. According to Liver King, these supplements “are for persons seeking basic (Liver, Bone Marrow, Organs) and targeted support (like supports like) in harmony with nature – the old fashioned manner, the way that our forefathers did.”

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