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Lookism Netflix Season 2: Everything We Need to Know!

Lookism is a South Korean animated series based on the Manhwa series by Park Tae-Joon that follows Park Hyung-Seok, a short and overweight adolescent who experiences terrible bullying at school. His mother makes the decision to move him to a better school after seeing this.

She can’t afford it, but she wants Hyung-life Seok to get better. A tall, attractive, and athletic stranger is staring back at Hyung-Seok from the mirror on the day he is due to start at the new school. Later, he finds his old body dozing on the carpet.

Hyung-seok, who is eager to alter his life, attends his new school in his second body and has a completely unique experience. After its debut, “Lookism” earned favorable reviews from critics who praised the animation and storyline. If you’re wondering if “Lookism” will have a second season, look no further.

When Would Lookism Season 2 Premiere?

Season 1 of “Lookism” debuted on Netflix on December 8, 2022. The release date was originally set for November 4, but it was delayed as a result of the Seoul Halloween crowd crush. As of season 2, “Lookism,” this is what is known.

Season 2 is currently in development, however, neither the series’ creators nor Netflix management have officially announced this. The first season was created by Studio Mir, based in South Korea. The majority of “The Legend of Korra” was created by the animation studio, but it has also created films like “Big Fish & Begonia,” “Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge,” and “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf,” as well as animated series like “Voltron: Legendary Defender,” “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts,” and “Dota: Dragon’s Blood.”

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All three of the aforementioned shows have had more than one season. There is a good likelihood that “Lookism” will be renewed for a second season if it can build on its success from the first. The original Manhwa by Park Tae-Joon is well-known both inside and outside of South Korea. 2019 saw a live-action version of it in China in addition to the Netflix animated series.

Park Tae-body Joon’s work is also fairly extensive. So far, almost 400 chapters have been released in 19 volumes, although the first season only adapts the first 27 chapters. There is therefore a tonne of information for further investigation. The release of “Lookism” season 2 is anticipated for some time in Q4 2025 if the show’s next season is confirmed within the next few months.

What Might Be In The Plot Of Lookism Season 2?

The singing contest at the school festival is won by Hyung-seok and Pyeon Deok-Hwa in the “Lookism” season 1 finale thanks to their performance. The music producer who earlier turned down Deok-request was for a job offers Hyung-seok a contract, but the latter declines when the producer doesn’t also offer it to his friend.

Lookism Netflix Season 2

Deok-Hwa is also taken out of the performance’s official school film, but this only makes him more determined. Choi Su-Jeong is shown for the first time in the program, and it is revealed that he, like Hyung-seok, has two bodies.

The original Manhwa’s chapters 28 and beyond will probably be addressed in the next season 2. Deok-Hwa and other students might begin live-streaming. Su-bodyguard Jeong will probably be won over by Hyung-fighting Seok’s skills, and the other young man will then offer to train him.

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