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Lyndsay Bell Husband: What Was the Date of Their Wedding?

Thanks in large part to her high-profile appearances alongside music icon Taylor Swift and quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany Mahomes, Lyndsay Bell has recently gained notoriety.

Lyndsay’s public profile has increased as a result of the trio’s obvious support for the Kansas City Chiefs at several NFL games, particularly their Sunday Night Football matchup with the Green Bay Packers.

Following Lindsay’s appearance, many of her fans are interested in learning who she is married to. You will find all the details of her life on this site.

Who is Lindsay Bell Husband?

Lyndsay Bell Husband
Lyndsay Bell Husband

Lyndsay Bell’s husband is Blake Bell. Lyndsay met Blake Bell at the University of Oklahoma. Lyndsay and Bella started dating in 2013 when they were still in college. Blake and Lyndsay published their first Instagram post together on April 27, 2013:


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When Were Blake and Lindsay Bell Married?

2021 saw the marriage of Blake and Lyndsay Bell at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church. In the post below, you can view how they looked at their wedding:


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The couple joyfully commemorated their second wedding anniversary earlier this year, reflecting on their time as husband and wife. The marriage of Lyndsay and Blake exemplifies not just their unwavering love but also their common journey from being college sweethearts to a content married pair.

The couple’s dedication to one another and their ongoing celebration of their accomplishments show how strong their relationship is.

How Many Kids Does Blake & Lyndsay Bell Have?

In 2022, the couple brought their daughter, “Brinleigh Ann,” into the world. Following the birth of their daughter earlier this year, Blake wrote a heartfelt Mother’s Day statement expressing his immense gratitude for Lyndsay’s role as a mother.

In addition, Blake included a sweet shot of Lyndsay cradling his daughter on his official Instagram profile and wrote in a caption, “Happy Mother’s Day to the one that does it all! Brindleigh, I love you so much!”


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Why is Blake Bell Famous?

American football tight end Blake Bell plays tight end for the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs (NFL). Bell played quarterback for Wichita, Kansas’ Bishop Carroll Catholic High School. As a senior in 2009, he completed passes for 2,752 yards and 32 touchdowns.

He was the sixth-best quarterback recruit in the pro-style class. The Detroit Tigers selected him in the 43rd round of the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft, but he declined to sign a contract with the team.

In the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected him. Playing collegiate football at Oklahoma, he earned the punning nickname “Bulldozer” for his large frame and rushing style.

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Who is Blake & Lyndsay Bell’s Parents?

Blake Bell posted a picture of his mother on Instagram with the comment “Momma,” yet the identity of his parents is still unknown:


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Because of her connections to notable people in the entertainment and sports worlds, as well as their mutual love of the Chiefs, Lyndsay Bell has recently gained notoriety.

Lyndsay Bell keeps no information about her upbringing, education, parents, siblings, or other family members public. Aside from her widely reported marriage to Kansas City Chiefs tight end “Blake Bell,” Lyndsay has kept her private life private.

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