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Michael Schumacher: Nine Years Since the Skiing Accident That Changed His Life

Time flies by. This Thursday, December 29, marks the tenth anniversary of the skiing disaster that changed Michael Schumacher’s life forever. When the famed German driver fell onto a rock in the French ski resort of Meribel, he suffered significant head injuries.

Naturally, there were concerns for his life at the time, but despite being in a coma for a long time, he successfully won the struggle to survive. He has been in poor health since then and has not been seen in public.

His exact medical condition is unknown, as his family has always wished to protect the privacy of a driver who made history by winning seven world championships and leading Ferrari to its most brilliant era. It’s a cruel irony that Schumacher’s life-altering injury occurred in a ski resort in the French Alps, rather than on an F1 track. At the time, he was 44 years old.

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His wife Corinna and children Mick and Gina speak about Michael on occasion, but only in dribs and drabs, and they don’t say anything about the former world champion’s health. The family’s biggest news came from the self-titled Netflix documentary.

“I think about Michael every day. But it’s not only me who misses him,” Corinna, his wife, told the camera. “It’s the kids, his family, his father, everyone around him. Corinna, with her sons Mick and Gina. “Everyone misses Michael, but Michael is here. Different, but he’s here, and I think that gives us strength.

“We try to keep the family together as Michael liked it and still does. And now we’re moving on with our lives. “‘Private is private,’ he used to say. It is critical to me that he maintains as much of his private life as possible.” “Michael has always looked out for us, and now we are looking out for Michael.”

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