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Mount Dora Police Have Arrested a Person of Interest in the ‘ruthless’ Murder of a Florida Couple

Police reported Tuesday afternoon that a lady has been arrested as a person of interest in the deaths of a Florida husband and wife at a senior living facility during the New Year’s weekend. Interim Mount Dora Police Chief Mike Gibson stated that she was arrested out of state and will be extradited back to Florida in the coming days. Her identity has not yet been revealed.

An investigation was launched when law enforcement officers were called to Waterman Village in Mount Dora at 4 p.m. Saturday after a concerned homeowner reported that the couple’s garage door was open. When security arrived at the couple’s home, named 80-year-old Sharon Getman and 83-year-old Darryl Getman, they discovered a crime scene and summoned police.

It looks to have been a random crime,’ says the person of interest in the Mount Dora couple’s murder.
Police reported Tuesday afternoon that a lady has been arrested as a person of interest in the deaths of a Florida husband and wife at a senior living facility during the New Year’s weekend.

The woman in arrest, who was “dressed in a certain way,” was removed from the Waterman property by security on Friday, Dec. 30. around 3 p.m., according to police. More than an hour later, she was seen wearing the same clothing on Lake Margaret Circle, which Gibson described as “quite distinctive.”

Officials said she returned to the neighborhood shortly before 11 p.m. and knocked on the door of one of the apartments, asking the occupant if she could take a shower. According to authorities, the tenant became scared and pressed her emergency alarm button.

The person of interest then fled, according to police, but not before stealing a set of keys belonging to a car and a mailbox near the apartment’s front door. Police and security officers responded and searched the area but found nothing.

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The Getman couple’s vehicle, a green Kia Soul, was seen driving out of the complex at 2 a.m. on Saturday, according to authorities. According to authorities, a surveillance camera showed the Getman couple’s vehicle leaving the Waterman Village senior living facility in the early morning hours of December 31, 2022.

After about 10 minutes, the woman returned to the institution but was denied access by security. Officers claimed they followed her off the premises before losing sight of her. After the couple was discovered deceased, police officers responded to the complex later Saturday afternoon.

Although the manner of death was not immediately disclosed, authorities have previously described the incident as “heinous.” The Mount Dora Police Department announced Monday that it got a call that the missing vehicle had been discovered. The driver, who is the person of interest, was arrested on suspicion of car theft.

Officials did not reveal where the vehicle or the woman were discovered. The woman appears to have no ties to the Central Florida area, and police suspect she was just traveling through. Gibson feels the murders were committed at random. He grew emotional while describing the couple.

“As you can see from the photo, they were enjoying their “golden years” of retirement, something I believe we all look forward to. However, in this case, Darryl and Sharon’s “golden years” were tragically cut short by a ruthless and callous double killing “He stated.

An investigation is underway, but authorities are sure that the matter will be solved. FOX 35 spoke with a neighbor shortly after learning about the homicides over the weekend, who said a strange woman came to their door begging for help.

She stated to FOX 35, “She explained that she had misplaced her car keys and needed to charge her phone. And my phone has to be charged; may I come in and charge it?” “That’s concerning,” said Jane Bloom, a Mount Dora resident.

Bloom is a former assisted living administrator who is concerned about the security of senior care communities such as Waterman Village. “I’m not sure what happened there with so many chances to apprehend her or hold her to see what she was up to,” she said.

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