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One Piece Chapter 1069: Everything We Need to Know!

One Piece 1068 was released earlier this week, and it proved to be an assertive chapter, with the majority of the spotlight eventually shifting to the Cipher Pol. Fans have been getting significant revelations one after the other in the last few chapters, but last week’s chapter was not as powerful. Despite this, fans were treated to an epic cliffhanger near the end of the chapter, with Luffy and Rob Lucci finally meeting after years apart.

One Piece Chapter 1069

One Piece 1069 will almost certainly center on Rob Lucci. As fans are aware, Lucci is one of the World Government’s most powerful fighters at the moment. He was considered a genius from a young age, and a skill like his does not appear every now and then.

The two met for the final time in Enies Lobby, where Luffy defeated Rob Lucci and took Nico Robin with him. They haven’t met since, and One Piece 1069 has every fan on the edge of their seats, eager for these two to eventually clash once more.

Fans saw him release a Rokuogan right away in the last chapter, implying that he now has more powerful tricks under his sleeve than he did previously. Lucci will most likely attempt to confront Luffy in a fight in One Piece 1069. And if he’s still as strong as he was before, he won’t stand a chance. As a result, it is quite likely that Lucci would release a new power that he has been working on during the 2-year time gap in One Piece 1069.

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As most fans are aware, Luffy will most likely face off against Lucci in One Piece 1069. It goes without saying that their last match lived up to expectations and is widely regarded as one of the best One Piece bouts of all time. From start to finish, it was exciting and packed with high-octane action.

The emotional weight that the fight carried was absolutely astonishing, and fans will be hoping that whatever comes next in One Piece 1069 is comparable. However, the confrontation between Lucci and Luffy is more likely to be brief. Egghead Island appears to be a brief arc, and drawing large-scale combat would be unusual for Oda.

Fans may watch the two engage in a skirmish, but there will almost certainly be an interruption that prompts them to halt. Regardless, whatever fans witness will be exciting because Lucci’s new powers will be on full display. At the same time, this will be Luffy’s very first appearance in combat as a Yonko.

One Piece Chapter 1069

Oda will not disappoint the straw hat commander by sketching this combat. In this confrontation, Luffy is very likely to unleash the pinnacle of his abilities, namely Gear 5. Bartholomew Kuma, one of the Revolutionary Army’s main members, is another tremendously significant figure that could appear in One Piece 1069.

Kuma was successfully rescued from the Reverie by the Revolutionary Army Commanders and taken to Momoiro Island. Kuma began sprinting toward an unknown location near the end of the last episode, and when he approached a precipice, he used the abilities of his Devil Fruit to send himself flying.

It is uncertain where he went, but he is most likely headed to Egghead Island, where the Straw Hat Pirates and his daughter are currently located. Interestingly, the Seraphim of Bartholomew Kuma is also present on the island, and the two might very possibly clash, allowing fans to witness the difference in strength between a copy and the real thing. Regardless, One Piece 1069 will most likely be quite interesting, and fans can’t wait for it.

When Will One Piece 1069 Be Available?

At the present, there is no known break in One Piece. As a result, fans should look for the following episode in the future edition of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. One Piece 1069 will be released on December 11, 2022, according to the MangaPlus app. Fans may read the chapter for free on the Shonen Jump and MangaPlus apps, as usual.

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