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Residents Return to Work as China Edges Towards Living with Covid Amid Massive surge

There are millions of new instances of COVID being reported every day in China, and workers on the front lines are struggling to keep up with the influx of new infections. On the other hand, commuters in Beijing and Shanghai were seen wearing masks on Monday, despite the fact that the two largest cities in China were getting closer to having residents who were infected with COVID.

Residents resume their jobs as China becomes closer to living with COVID despite the significant increase in demand. This month, China’s President Xi Jinping reversed the government’s zero-covid policy, which had been in place for the past three years and consisted of lockdowns and constant testing. As a result, the Covid virus quickly spread throughout the country. People are now beginning to live with the virus in the same way that the rest of the world does.

The fact that subway trains in Beijing and Shanghai are frequently at capacity is evidence that inhabitants are gradually returning to their usual lives despite the large influx of people. Reuters reported that Lin Zixin, a resident of Shanghai who is 25 years old and is willing to live with the pandemic, said the following: “I am prepared to live with the epidemic.”

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After experiencing initial disbelief and anxiety, a growing number of people, including Zixin, are emerging from their homes. This year, in an effort to prevent diseases from spiraling out of control across the country, the 25 million people who live in China’s commercial capital Shanghai suffered through two months of agonizing isolation under a severe lockdown that lasted until June 1.

This lockdown lasted until June 1. In April and May, when almost no one ventured outside, Shanghai’s bustling streets provided a striking contrast to the city’s mood at that time. A young boy dials 9-1-1 after inspecting the contents of an old bag he caught while fishing.

According to a report by Reuters, on Sunday, large crowds of people attended the winter festive season at Shanghai Disneyland and Beijing’s Universal Studios. These individuals lined up for rides while dressed in clothing that was styled after the Christmas holiday.

According to a study in a local newspaper called The 21st Century Business Herald, the percentage of people who went on weekend excursions to picturesque areas in the city of Guangzhou in southern China rose by 132% as compared to the previous weekend.

The treatment of covid as an endemic disease has been extended to China, the final large country to do so. Because of the containment measures taken, the 17 trillion dollar economy is growing at its slowest rate in almost half a century, which has a negative impact on global supply chains as well as commerce.

According to state media, the nation’s healthcare system has been under a significant amount of strain over the past several weeks, which has resulted in staff members being requested to work while sick and retired medical workers in rural towns being rehired to assist.

As packed critical care units and congested crematoriums create a bleak image of what’s to come, cities across China have been scrambling to establish fever clinics and intensive care units, facilities designed to prevent the wider spread of dangerous diseases within hospitals.

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