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Robbie Gould Net Worth: Education & Other Details!

Robbie Gould is a professional football player in the National Football League (NFL). He is presently a placekicker for the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. He formerly played professional football with the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants.

Gould began playing collegiate football for the Penn State Nittany Lions at an early age. However, before committing totally to football, he participated in a variety of sports. After failing to be selected in the 2005 NFL draught, he spent a decade playing for the Chicago Bears. During his stay there, he set multiple records and accomplished a great deal, including becoming the franchise’s all-time leading scorer.

The experienced player is still active in the NFL. What’s more intriguing is his aggressive football style and constant bothering of the opponent with his tries, which haven’t faded. I agree to receive emails and tailored advertisements. Gould has accomplished a lot in his football career, but he has never won an NFL championship.

So, even if people are speculating about his retirement, he still wants to play football for as long as his team permits him to. He does, however, have a few plans for his retirement years. Robert previously noted that he always had a thing for doing business, therefore he might end up owning his own corporation or working as a radio jockey on a radio station or co-host of the ESPN100 radio show. Nobody knows!

Let’s learn more about one of the finest placekickers, his life, family, and long NFL career, among other things. But, before we get into the specifics, here are some facts about Robbie Gould.

Robbie Gould Childhood, Family, and Education

Robbie Gould was born on December 6, 1662, to Robert and Cheryl Gould. Robert, his father, was a soccer player. Robbie has an older sibling who was born in 1985. Chris, his brother, is a former professional football player who is now an assistant coach for the Denver Broncos.

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He had guided Lock Haven University to a Division II national championship as a student. In addition, in the 1980s, he played professional soccer for the St. Louis Steamers. Robbie attended Central Mountain High School while growing up in Pennsylvania. He became heavily active in extra-curricular activities in addition to his education. He excelled athletically in sports such as soccer, football, basketball, and track & field.

Gould was heavily influenced by his father and developed an interest in American soccer during his high school years. He changed his mind after transferring to Penn State University and switched to football. Robbie also completed his education and graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Business Management.

Robbie Gould’s Professional Career

In 2001, Robbie Gould enrolled at Penn State University. He didn’t have a specific intention to pursue a career in athletics at first. Robbie majored in Business Management and dedicated a significant amount of time to his education.

He was, nonetheless, interested in soccer and participated in a few games. Gould quickly became disillusioned with soccer and moved to football. College football coaches did not initially trust him and gave him minimal playing time.

So he asked his high school principal to write a recommendation letter for Joe Paterno, the then-head football coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions. Soon after, the head coach invited him to play on a regular basis for the Nittany Lions. However, he did not have a successful collegiate career. He only made 39 of 61 field goals and had a field goal percentage of 63.9.

Robbie Gould Net Worth

He graduated from college in 2004, and the following year, he declared for the NFL draught. He went undrafted in the 2005 NFL draught, as expected because he did not have strong stats in college. However, Gould was signed by the New England Patriots prior to the 2005 NFL preseason. He got another contract with the Baltimore Ravens the following year before they dropped him.

Unfortunately, the team was uninterested and released him three weeks later. Following that, he took a sabbatical from sports to work for M&R Contracting in Pennsylvania before joining the Chicago Bears in the NFL.

On October 8, 2005, Robbie signed with the Chicago Bears. A week later, he scored his first NFL goal against the Cleveland Browns. They did, however, lose the match. Many weeks later, in Week 9, he scored his first game-winning goal against the New Orleans Saints. He concluded his rookie season with a field goal percentage of 77%.

Robbie improved dramatically and performed admirably in his second NFL season, nailing 26 consecutive field goals. He broke Kevin Butler’s record for most field goals with this. Furthermore, he received numerous distinctions, including the NFL fans’ choice for a kicker in the 2007 Pro Bowl. He was chosen to the Associated Press All-Pro Team in 2006. In addition, he concluded the 2007 season with a high goal attempt percentage of 86.11%.

Following that, Robbie appeared in every game for the Chicago Bears in the NFL and consistently delivered until 2011. His stats improved with time, and the poor performer in college became the Bears’ most beloved player.

However, he suffered a calf injury in 2012 and was forced to sit out for about a year. He returned to the game the following year, scoring the Bears’ longest field goal against the Cincinnati Bengals in the season opener. On December 13, he renewed his four-year contract with the team.

Robbie Gould’s Net Worth

In 2022, Robbie Gould’s net worth is expected to be $22 million. His whole earnings come from his sporting profession. Robert Paul Gould III is an American football placekicker for the National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers.

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