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Shooting Under Investigation in Arden Fair Mall Parking Garage

After gunfire broke out inside the parking garage at Arden Fair Mall just 11 days before Christmas, fear rippled throughout the shopping center. The police have not been able to apprehend any suspects, and they have not reported finding any victims as of yet.

Wednesday around noon, gunshots were fired in the area where people were getting into and out of their cars. As a result, both store staff and customers were left shaken. As a result of being caught in the middle of the firing incident, Brande Rife was compelled to take cover.

Rife described the event as having a significant amount of yelling. “I wasn’t hoping to get shot, so I was either crawling around on the ground there or hiding behind the pillars,” she said.

Rife stated that she heard between five and six bullets and a great deal of yelling before numerous automobiles sped away. She remarked that her timing was off at the moment and that the time felt like an eternity.

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Following the event, the shopping center placed an automated telephone call to all of the store owners, informing them of the situation and advising them to remain inside. When the officers arrived, there were neither any suspects nor any victims at the scene, and shopping had already resumed.

This incident takes place exactly two years after the Black Friday shooting that took place inside Arden Fair. Two teenagers were found dead, and a third was detained on suspicion of their deaths. According to the police report, the violent brawl began as a verbal disagreement.

Because of the shooting, Arden Fair decided to form partnerships with local organizations such as Brother to Brother in order to respond to minor incidents at the mall such as disagreements, and keep them from becoming more serious.

During the busy holiday shopping season, the police are looking into another shooting that took place within the mall, despite their outreach efforts and ubiquitous surveillance. During the holiday shopping season, the mall does see an increase in the number of police patrols. They are debating whether or not to add any more.

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