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Sarah Michelle Gellar Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know!

After starring in Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a significant portion of the 2000s, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar rose to the level of icon status. However, with popularity comes unwelcome attention and speculations, and the mother of two has had to answer claims that she has had plastic surgery on multiple occasions over the course of her career. So, did she ever get work done?

Sarah Michelle Gellar Plastic Surgery

During an appearance on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in the year 2000, Sarah addressed the rumors of her plastic surgery with comedy, despite the fact that she has not acknowledged nor denied having the procedure done.

After the Scooby Doo actress inquired about a plastic surgery spoof the talk show host had developed, she jokingly clapped back that he “mangled [her] face” for laughs. This came after she had asked about the sketch. Buffy Summers Forever! The Transition That Sarah Michelle Gellar Went Through From the 1990s to Today.

The comedian continued, “We found this photo of you before plastic surgery, take a look at it,” referring to the image that was found of the subject. After that, Conan displayed on the screen a photo of Sarah that had been digitally manipulated to appear in an absurd manner, which caused the audience to chuckle. Sarah’s reaction was to smile and shake her head after the camera panned back to her on stage once it had been moved away.

Even after two decades, some people continue to speculate about whether or not the actress from I Know What You Did Last Summer underwent plastic surgery. In response to a selfie that Sarah posted to her Instagram account in the month of December 2021, followers questioned how she was able to preserve the youthful appearance of her skin.

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A person on social media said, “How in the world do you still seem 17?” in response to your appearance. Someone else jumped in and said, “You seriously do not get older.” And in February of 2022, a number of her fans commented on another selfie she had posted in which she was hugging her dog and wearing earrings that said “Badass.”

Some of her followers complimented her cosmetics, but others were curious about how she managed to get the appearance of having ageless skin. One of her fans made light of the fact that she starred in a horror show for seven seasons by writing that she “stars in a series about vampires, then doesn’t really age afterward.”

In spite of the rumors, Sarah had already disclosed in an earlier interview with Us Weekly in January 2019 her effective skincare routine. She was quoted as saying at the time, “From a young age, I’ve realized that you need to take care of your skin.” “Just so you know, you shouldn’t go to bed with your makeup on. Before going to bed, be sure to wash your face and apply lotion.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Plastic Surgery

The publication mentioned that the actress from “Cruel Intentions” also consumes a lot of water in order to keep her face healthy, and they also mentioned that she does not get facials performed by professionals. Sarah continued by saying, “The moment I walk through the door of my house, I wash my face.”

“To begin, remove your makeup with a wipe, and then follow up with a cleanser.” During the breaks in filming, I always make sure to wash my face. I’m going to keep the eye makeup on but otherwise let my face breathe. And every time I get my makeup touched up, it makes me look more awake. Continue scrolling to discover how Sarah has matured into the timeless beauty that she is now!

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