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‘Sixteen Candles’ Actress Carole Cook Dies At 98

Carole Cook, famed for her performance in “Sixteen Candles” and her love with Lucille Ball, died on Wednesday at the age of 98. Cook died in her own bed at home with her husband, Tom Troupe, and nephew, Mark Cocanougher, according to a Facebook post by Cocanougher. According to Troupe, Cook died of heart failure in Beverly Hills.

“Carole died in peace and comfort after a long and happy life doing what she loved. She made a lot of friends, and I know they will all miss her spirit, wit, and brilliance on stage, as well as in life in general “Cocanougher explained. “And that’s quite awesome.”

Cook got her start in show business when Ball hired her from her home state of Texas to appear in the “Desilu Review” in the late 1950s. Ball frequently featured Cook in guest parts on her later series “The Lucy Show” and “Here’s Lucy” as her mentor. Lucy was Carole’s matron of honor at her 1964 wedding to Troupe, and the two remained lifelong friends.

Cook has appeared in a variety of television shows, including “Maude,” “Kojak,” “Dynasty,” “Cagney & Lacey,” and most recently, “Grey’s Anatomy.” Patch’s free, real-time updates will keep you up to date on what’s going on in Beverly Hills.

She appeared in films such as “Grandview, United States of America,” “American Gigolo,” “Summer Lovers,” and “Palm Springs Weekend.” Cook paid a visit to her stepson Christopher Troupe and his wife Becky on Sunday, according to Cocanougher.

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“Their presence was very soothing,” he said. Many more celebrities flocked to social media to express their admiration for Cook. “Carole Cook was a great ol’ broad in every sense of the word. Carole had a quick wit and a smile in her eye at all times.

A true celebrity and the life of the party, “claimed Emerson Collins, an actor, and director. “She drained every drop of life from it and tossed it around just to make sure. Tom has my heart.” David Staller, Artistic Director of Gingold Theatrical Group, provided a recent remembrance of Cook along with a photograph of her.

“A few days shy of 99, but don’t think you’ll ever be rid of me, child!” she said when I snapped this picture. I’ll be monitoring you, so be careful!” I can’t promise that, but I hope the spirit of that rascally smile will live on in our hearts forever, Carole. Always, “Gingold stated on Facebook.

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