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Tammy Wynette Husband: Everything We Need to Know!

Tammy Wynette, a legendary figure in country music, tied the knot for the first time at 18, and she remained married to her first or second husband for more than 35 years. Keep scrolling to find out the total number of times she has been married, as well as some additional details about each of her previous unions.

Who Was Tammy Wynette’s First Husband?

In 1960, when Wynette was only 18 years old, she wed a man named Euple Byrd. He was her first husband. They relocated a lot since he was a construction worker who had trouble keeping a job and was frequently unemployed. She held a variety of professions at the time, including those of a hairstylist and a waitress serving alcoholic beverages.

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Wynette had already given birth to her two kids by the time she was 20. And she ended their relationship with Byrd while she was carrying their third child together. In 1966, she uprooted her family and headed to Nashville, Tennessee, with the intention of becoming a singer, much like her close friend Dolly Parton. And not long after that, she inked her first recording contract.

Who Was Tammy Wynette’s Second Husband?

In 1967, Wynette tied the knot with songwriter Don Chapel. Her singing career began to take off, and not long after that, she was able to meet George Jones, a legend of country music who had been her childhood idol. Jones reportedly confessed his love for Wynette while she was embroiled in a dispute with Chapel at the time, as stated in his Biography.

Tammy Wynette Husband

In addition, she admitted that she had feelings for him as well. She skipped town with him and then attempted to get a divorce from him. However, she quickly found out that she had married a second time too soon after her first divorce, which meant that the marriage was not lawful under the law. Therefore, Wynette was free to continue her relationship with Jones.

What Happened Between Tammy Wynette And Her Third Husband?

Wynette tied the knot with Jones, published “Stand By Your Man,” and became a member of the Grand Ole Opry all in the same year, 1969. They finally had one daughter, who was presented with a recording deal upon her birth because the couple was considered to be a royal couple of country music.

However, Jones’ alcoholism, which plagued him for most of his life, ultimately caused the marriage to fail. In 1975, they went their separate ways, but in the years that followed, they occasionally collaborated on projects.

Who Was Tammy Wynette’s Fourth Spouse And Why Did She Divorce Him?

In 1977, Wynette tied the knot with a man named Michael Tomlin, who was in the industry. A podcast called Cocaine and Rhinestones claims that he was romantically involved with her hairstylist. And at various moments in her life, she was dating other men, including Jones and Burt Reynolds, among others.

Wynette’s every action was being closely scrutinized by the press, and she managed to take everyone by surprise with her wedding partner. According to reports, however, the marriage did not last long and the couple divorced after a period of fewer than two months.

Who Was Tammy Wynette’s Fifth And Last Husband And When Did They Marry?

George Richey, a singer, and songwriter was Wynette’s last husband. The couple wed in 1978, and she remained with him until the day she passed away in 1998. Later on, Wynette’s kids asserted that her longest and most committed union was anything but a happy one.

They claim that Richey tortured Wynette so severely that she and Richey made up a narrative about being kidnapped not long after they got married to explain the extensive bruises that Richey had inflicted on Wynette. In addition to this, they asserted that Wynette was the source of information. But according to those same people, she feared leaving Richey because he had promised to expose her in a book if she did.

In addition, Wynette’s children accused Richey of exploiting their mother’s drug addiction and playing a role in her passing by saying he was responsible for her passing. They filed a complaint against him for wrongful death, but in the end, they decided to remove his name from the case because they wanted to concentrate their legal efforts on Wynette’s doctor instead.

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