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Taylor Lewan Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Earn?

As a notable figure in American football, Taylor Lewan has accomplished a great deal. He has been one of the most prominent players in the National Football League for decades. The Tennessee Titans drafted him into the NFL in 2014.

He has been playing football and reaching various milestones with them since then. During his time at Chaparral High School, Lewan began his playing career on an amateur basis. When he was older, in 2009, he enrolled at the University of Michigan to play collegiate football.

After dominating in college, he was picked by the NFL where he has continued to achieve great success. He has stayed with the Titans since being picked and plans to play his entire career there.

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Taylor Lewan Net Worth

Taylor Lewan is an American professional football player who has been active in the NFL since 2014. He has seen considerable financial and professional success as a result of his NFL career. Lewan played football for his high school and then continued his career at the collegiate level.

Taylor Lewan Net Worth
Taylor Lewan Net Worth

He boosted his stock in the NFL draught by collecting a number of honors and honors during his collegiate career. In 2014, he agreed to play with the Tennessee Titans on a four-year contract worth $11.48 million. The Titans gave him an $80 million contract over five years in 2018. In the present day, he is reported to be worth $17 million.

Taylor Lewan Early Life

Taylor Lewan is a major name in American football because of his many achievements over the years. A veteran of the National Football League, he is widely considered to be among the best American football players of all time. Tennessee Titans picked him up in 2014 when the NFL draught was dry.

He has now joined them on the football field and shared in their joy at countless victories. Lewan began his amateur playing career while a student at Chaparral High School. Soon after, in 2009, he enrolled at the University of Michigan, where he remained as a student and football player until 2013.

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Despite achieving such lofty goals as finishing college, he was picked up by the NFL. He has stayed with the Titans ever since they drafted him, and he has no plans to ever play for another team.

Taylor Lewan Career

In high school, Taylor Lewan played both offensive tackle and defensive end. After that, he signed up to play football for the University of Michigan Wolverines. Lewan was one of the top offensive tackles in the country when playing for Michigan. He was a first-round pick of the Tennessee Titans in the 2014 NFL Draft. Since then, Lewan has become one of the best offensive linemen in the league, earning three Pro Bowl nods and multiple top-100 player rankings.

Taylor Lewan Personal Life

Lewan and his family—wife Taylin and daughters Wynne and Willow—live in Music City.  Taylor and his ex-teammate Will Compton have been hosting a podcast called “Bussin With the Guys” on the Barstool Sports network since the summer of 2019.

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