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The Meg 2: Latest Entertainment Updates!

Here’s everything we know about The Meg 2, the sequel to Jason Statham’s 2018 smash. The Meg, directed by Jon Turteltaub, earned largely mixed reviews but was a thrilling new addition to the Sharksploitation sub-genre.

As a Chinese-American co-production, the picture also introduced many Western audiences to actress Li Bingbing for the first time. One of cinema’s most divisive directors appears to be on board for The Meg 2. Statham plays Jonas Taylor, a disgraced rescue diver, in The Meg.

Five years after an underwater catastrophe, Jonas spends his time in Thailand swigging beer and reflecting on the past. Meanwhile, Taylor’s ex-wife, Lori, takes part in a groundbreaking mission in the Western Pacific Ocean and encounters an unnamed monster that Jonas had mentioned five years before.

Members of the Mana One research center enlist Statham’s character for a particularly perilous mission in previously undiscovered waters, as their objective is a megalodon – a shark species thought to have gone extinct two million years ago. The Meg is based on Steve Alten’s Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, published in 1997.

The Meg kills multiple characters, including a billionaire who mistakes a whale for one of two known megalodons. In the third act, Jonas defeats the big villain and then faces another enormous challenge: confronting his romantic feelings for his colleague/love interest Suyin (Li). Here’s what we’re expecting from The Meg 2.

The Meg 2 Is Taking Place

The Meg 2 has been in the works since October 2018, almost immediately after the original film’s release. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura indicated in early 2019 that a script was in the works, and the sequel gathered speed in October 2020, when Ben Wheatley was named as The Meg 2 director.

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The English director is well recognized for his work on horror films such as Kill List and Sightseers. Wheatley has dabbled in different genres in recent years, notably High-Rise, Free Fire, and the 2020 Netflix adaption, Rebecca.

Release Date For The Meg 2

If The Meg 2 follows the original film’s production schedule, it won’t be available for a few years. With a story in hand and Wheatley ready to direct, production will most likely begin in mid-2021. Assuming that the visual effects would be larger and better, post-production will most likely consume the majority of 2022. We anticipate that The Meg 2 will be a summer blockbuster in 2023.

The Meg 2

The Cast Of The Meg 2

Statham will reportedly be engaged in the whole creative process for The Meg 2. Although the supporting cast has not been formally revealed, much of the “essential talent” is likely to return. In that case, The Meg 2 will almost certainly start the aforementioned Li, as well as Ruby Rose and Page Kennedy, among others.

The Meg 2’s Story

The Meg is a redemption story for Statham’s Jonas, who regains his colleagues’ trust and forms a deep bond with Li’s Suyin and her daughter Meiying (Sophia Cai). Taylor certainly exhibits interest in Suyin after beating the megalodon, but he also appears to be aware that he may not be ready for a relationship.

Throughout the film, Jonas deliberately risks his life to help others, and he even plots to sacrifice himself near the conclusion. The core tension in The Meg 2 will, of course, revolve around sharks, but the undercurrent will focus on Statham’s character’s psychology and how it impacts his relationship with the enamored Suyin.

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