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Titans Season 4, Episode 7: Release Date, Time and More

This article serves as a preview for Titans season 4, episode 7, and includes information such as the release date, time, and where to watch online. There are also spoilers for past episodes and seasons.  Titans began as a controversial proposition on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming platform — a deliberately edgy take on DC’s teeny-bopper super-team infamously marketed around Dick Grayson saying “F*ck Batman” in the trailer — but has since cemented its identity as a very decent and rather unconventional series.

The third season, which aired on HBO Max, dealt with everything from a murderous Batman to a pot-smoking Scarecrow to the literal afterlife, and the fourth season appears to be aiming to top that by veering into horror territory and working through a story involving the sinister, otherworldly Church of Blood.

Titans Season 4, Episode 3 Release Date, Time, And Location

Conner shaved his head with his own heat vision and began channeling Lex Luthor to an unsettling degree, allowing him to devise a way to avoid the Blood Moon. Mother Mayhem attempted to encourage Sebastian to drink from the Well of Blood by reliving his experiences of being disregarded and mistreated.

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Jinx advocated using teleportation to save Sebastian, which was aided by S.T.A.R. Labs technology. She also had a spell for Jinx to reclaim her powers. Mother Mayhem’s lair was transferred by the Titans. Raven regained her powers and transformed into White Raven, Jinx was fatally stabbed by Mother Mayhem, and Sebastian drank the blood, beginning his change.

Titans Season 4, Episode 7 Release Date And Time

This episode has yet to be confirmed, however, it is likely to be released in 2023. When it happens, it will be broadcast on HBO Max at 12 a.m. PT/3 a.m. ET.

Titans Season 4, Episode 7

How Many Episodes Will There Be In Titans Season 4?

Titans’ fourth season will include 12 episodes but will be published in two six-episode halves. The first installment, consisting of two episodes, premiered on November 3, 2022. The next four will be released weekly till December 1.

The final six episodes will be released in 2023 on an unspecified date. “Lex Luthor,” “Mother Mayhem,” “Jinx,” “Super Super Mart,” “Inside Man,” “Brother Blood,” “Dude, Where’s My Gar,” “Caul’s Folly,” “Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory,” “Game Over,” “Project Starfire,” and “Titans Forever” are the names of all 12 episodes.

Titans Season 4 Online Streaming

As previously stated, Titans are only accessible on HBO Max, which requires a subscription starting at $9.99 per month. Titans’ previous three seasons are also accessible to watch on the app.

The season’s major cast includes:

  • Dick Grayson / Nightwing is played by Brenton Thwaites.
  • Coriander / Kory Anders / Starfire is played by Anna Diop.
  • Rachel Roth / Raven is played by Teagan Croft.
  • Gar Logan / Beast Boy is played by Ryan Potter.
  • Conner / Superboy is played by Joshua Orpin.
  • Mother Mayhem is played by Franka Potente.
  • Brother Blood is played by Joseph Morgan.
  • Members of the supporting cast include:

Titans Season 4, Episode 7 Predictions

Sebastian, I believe, will become much more strong. In that vein, Rachel will undoubtedly have to adjust to her new appearance.

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