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Tom Dees Cause Of Death: How Did He Passed Away?

Tom Dees was a famous journalist who worked on Fox13 Memphis, WHBQ, and ABC24. He spent his childhood in many locations due to his father’s Air Force service. Although he was born in Kokomo, Indiana, he spent much of his formative years elsewhere.

According to his Fox13 biography, he has lived in several exotic locations, including Hawaii, California, and Japan. After completing his education at Mississippi State University, he entered the workforce in the late 1980s. Tom’s parents both retired from their respective professions; his mom taught, and his dad was a navigator in the US Air Force.

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Tom Dees Cause Of Death

Tom Dees’s untimely and shocking passing has caused untold suffering for his loved ones. An unusual lung infection was discovered in him. He was initially taken to the hospital but ultimately passed away there. His loved ones say he lived to be 57 years old. The news devastated Friends and neighbors, and they immediately rushed to social media to share their condolences.

Tom Dees Cause Of Death
Tom Dees Cause Of Death

What Happened To Tom Dees?

Tom Dees, a veteran reporter for Fox 13 and Emmy-winning journalist, reportedly passed away on Thursday in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Dees, a writer from the American heartland who is 32 years old, was hospitalized in early January after being diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

How we feel for the family is beyond words—sending my condolences to everyone. All praise be to God, and may He provide eternal rest to the departed. Dees’s family consists of his wife and three kids.

Dees was a multimedia journalist for many years, according to a statement made by Fox13, and he “crisscrossed North Mississippi by himself, often turning a couple of stories a day.” The report went on to say:

“Those stories were almost always filled with the real people of the region, who the stories impacted most. It was easy for Tom to find those real people because he was one himself. In an industry known for big personalities and egos, there was no pretense for Tom Dees. He put on a white dress shirt, khakis, and big belt buckle each day and headed out in his news car to serve his community.”

Tom Dees Cause Of Death
Tom Dees Cause Of Death

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Tom Dees Career

Tom Dees, a journalist, has been working in the field of journalism continuously since the year 1988. After graduating from Mississippi State University in 1987 with a degree in Spanish and English, he spent a significant portion of his career working for Fox18.

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: What is it?

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a lung condition that impairs breathing. When a person breathes in, oxygen travels through the tiny air sacs in the lungs before entering the bloodstream. Then it gets to the organs.

Breathing becomes difficult due to the expansion of scar tissue inside the lungs. Scar tissue from IPF restricts oxygen flow from the lungs to the blood, which can seriously impair the body’s ability to operate normally.

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