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Bob Iger Willing to Hash Out Feud With DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Disney CEO Bob Iger have promised to negotiate a resolution to their company’s mounting feud. Iger told Time, “I do not consider this as a going-to-the-mattress issue for us. I would be happy to meet with the governor of Florida to discuss this matter if he requested to do so.

The backstory: The reason Ron DeSantis is at odds with Disney

Earlier this year, DeSantis attempted to limit Disney’s control over its Florida-based property by abolishing its special tax district and replacing its board with supporters of the governor. But in the final hours of the old board, Disney passed an ordinance that effectively gave it all of its authority back and allowed it to continue operating independently.

DeSantis and other Florida Republicans instigated the conflict by criticizing Disney for its support of LGBTQ rights and resistance to his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law, which forbids teachers from bringing up sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom until the third grade.

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“Creating that value for all of those groups is our main objective in Florida. All we want is a partnership with the government that allows us to keep doing that, said Iger. To increase attendance, hire more staff, and generally create more value for both

The Walt Disney Company and the state of Florida, he continued, “We have the resources and the desire to continue investing there to grow that business.” That’s how easy it is. DeSantis promised to pursue legal action against Disney despite the firm thwarting his ambitions by abolishing the authority of its board.

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At a gathering last month, DeSantis stated, “There’s a lot of little back and forth going on now with the state control.” But don’t worry; you haven’t seen anything yet. There will be more in this regard. Now, the board of DeSantis is attempting to reclaim some of that authority.



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