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Two People Were Killed in a Crash on Oracle Road in Oro Valley, According to Police

On Friday, December 16, a collision involving a vehicle traveling in the incorrect direction occurred on Oracle Road near Pusch View Lane in Oro Valley, resulting in the deaths of two people. The Oro Valley Police Department reports that the collision involving two vehicles took place at approximately 11:30 a.m. today.

At the time of the collision, the Oracle Valley Police Department stated that a black pickup truck was traveling southbound in the northbound lane of Oracle Road. Reports of an “erratic” car had been received by the authorities not long before.

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At 3:45 in the afternoon, all roads were once again accessible to drivers. According to officials who were there, this is currently an open investigation. The Oracle Valley Police Department said that at the time of the crash, a black pickup truck was heading southbound in the Oracle Road lane that was designated for northbound traffic. Not long previously, the authorities had received information on a vehicle that was being described as “erratic.”

At 3:45 in the afternoon, all of the roads were opened up to traffic for automobiles. According to officials who were there, an inquiry into this matter is still ongoing at this time.

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