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Warzone 2 Secret Attachment Make Snipers A One Shot Kill In Season 2

After the release of Season 2, there was a minor shift in Warzone 2’s meta. Despite recent nerfs to the RPK and Fennec, players continue to feel the powerful LMG is the most effective weapon in Al Mazrah and on Ashika Island. Although sniper rifles have yet to become a staple of the battle royale genre, the Signal 50 was severely nerfed.

Sniper rifles no longer guarantee instant death with a headshot, so they have trouble competing with other long-range choices. Despite the success of top-tier weapons like the Kar98k, HDR, and AX-50 in Warzone 1, no sniper has come close to repeating that success in Warzone 2.

Season 2 might be the year that everything changes. Though it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes, Incendiary Ammo now makes headshots with sniper rifles an instant kill.

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Snipers Receive A Secret Buff In Warzone 2 Season 2

After the Season 2 update, FaZe Testy discovered that snipers can now one-shot kill with Incendiary Ammo. Rather than allowing the class to become excessively powerful, the bullet type serves as a disadvantage by lowering damage range, bullet velocity, and bullet penetration.

Warzone 2
Warzone 2

Similarly to how it functioned in Warzone 1, Testy revealed that snipers had a limited range in which they could kill with a single shot. Participants in the Warzone 2 community reacted differently to the announcement.

Although hopeful, YouTuber JGOD remained cautious, saying, “Not sure if it’s a problem or feature, so have fun before they repair it or confirm it is working as intended.” If it’s a feature, it’s an innovative way to go about it,” Warzone Loadout, a data provider for Call of Duty, said in response.

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Ignitable ammunition has a limited effective range because of its low velocity and significant drop. The idea is interesting to me, but they should have explained it. As YouTuber TheTacticalBrit put it, “The Victus and SP-X are the only feasible ones; the MCPR should be ignored.”

The players also mentioned the LA-B as a viable choice, with Incdenary Ammo. We will post an update whenever we determine the optimal sniper loadout for Season 2 and the precise range at which players may one-shot kill with a headshot.

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