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Who Is Slade Smiley Ex Wife? How They Get Separated?

Today we talk about Who Is Slade Smiley Ex Wife? Slade Smiley is a well-known American actor who hails from Oakland, California. He was born on October 29, 1975. (USA). The most notable aspect of his career is his participation in the show “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”  He is the proprietor of the radio channel known as “Radio Slade” (92.7).

It is devoted to contemporary popular culture. In point of fact, Bravo TV was the station that broadcast the reality show. During this period, he began a relationship with the actress Gretchen Rossi. Furthermore, the couple is now engaged.

They had been trying for a kid together for a long time. Rossi attempted to conceive in 2012. She was unable to conceive. She then chose to undergo IVF treatments in 2018. Gretchen also shared photos on her own Instagram account.

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Who Is Slade Smiley Ex Wife?

Slade Smiley, a former cast member on Real Housewives of Orange County, has responded to his ex-fiancée Jo De La Rosa’s allegations that he proposed to her with a “fake” engagement ring. Smiley is now telling his side of the tale, four months after De La Rosa, 39, said that Smiley, 46, popped the question to her years ago with a “placeholder” diamond.

Who Is Slade Smiley Ex Wife
Who Is Slade Smiley Ex Wife

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Slade Smiley Early Life

The boyfriend of Gretchen Rossi entered the world on October 29, 1975, in Oakland, California. The current age of Slade Smiley is somewhere around 43 years old. He is currently staying with his Alaskan parents. Also, he’s been interested in music ever since he was a kid.

Slade has joined a musical group in Anchorage. He received extensive music education during his high school years. On the other hand, he started to take an interest in riding. In 2003, Smiley traveled to France for a cycling event. As a member of the U.S. National Cycling Team, he was given the opportunity to pursue formal training.

Before long, he was back in California, among his family. He attended graduate school at both California State University and the University of Alaska.

Slade Smiley Career

Beginning his career in the entertainment business in 1993, Slade Smiley has been actively performing ever since. He has worked in this industry for over a decade and attended the Tour de France in 2003. When he and his then-fiancée Jo De La Rosa were cast in the pilot season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Bravo TV in 2005, they shot to fame.

He and his fiancee Gretchen Rossi have started a firm called BioReigns and released a sleep solution called CBD ZZZ in addition to a relaxing tincture and metabolism-boosting tablets.

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Slade Smiley Personal Life

Slade Smiley is a native of Oakland, California, where he was born on the 29th of October 1973. He had spent the majority of his boyhood in the city of Anchorage, which is located in Alaska. He has had an interest in the entertainment business ever since he was a child, and he started giving performances when he was still very young.

After finishing his studies at the high school level, he continued his education at California State University to earn a degree in International Business. Due to the fact that he is such a well-known figure, he did not provide any information about his family or his early life.

Slade Smiley Net Worth

According to the sources, it is estimated that Slade Smiley has a net worth of roughly one hundred thousand United States dollars.

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