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Case of 10-year-old boy found dead with mother: The investigation has begun.

The discovery of bodies follows locals’ reports that they haven’t seen their neighbors for some time.

The death of the youngster, who was 10 years old, is now being investigated by the police as a possible homicide. The woman and her son were found dead in their own house.

Last week on Thursday evening, worried locals in Leeds, West Yorkshire, complained that they hadn’t seen the tenants of an inner-city municipal flat for some time. This prompted the officers to be sent to the location.


The deaths of a lady in her 30s and her son, who was around the same age, were found by the police when they searched a property on Cross Ingram Road in the Holbeck neighborhood of the city.


A West Yorkshire Police force spokesman has now revealed that detectives are looking into the possibility that the boy’s death resulted from foul play.


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