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4 Killed in North Carolina Crash Interstate 85 Closed for Hours

According to Medic, a collision and subsequent fire that occurred on Interstate 85 in northeast Charlotte during the afternoon rush hour on Tuesday resulted in the deaths of four persons. A woman was struck and killed by two vehicles. A crash in Alexander County: the NCHP.

According to reports from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, it took place on southbound Interstate 85 around four in the afternoon and caused all lanes to be closed at Exit 45. Around 10:20 p.m., Interstate 85 was given its official go-ahead to reopen.

“Oh, that broke my heart… Sarah Moore, a local resident, remarked on how upsetting the situation was to her. I was told that there were actually four persons that passed away, and that there was a car fire. Following the collision, the Charlotte police stated that motorists were being compelled to make a U-turn and return to Harris Boulevard in order to exit.

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