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72-Year-Old Woman Dead and Two Injured After Denny’s Sign Falls on Car in Kentucky

According to KY3, a sign for Denny’s restaurant crashed down onto a car near Elizabethtown, Kentucky, causing one person to pass away and two others to sustain injuries. On Thursday, the sign reportedly collided with a vehicle that was parked in the restaurant’s parking lot and was occupied by three people, as reported by the officials at the Elizabethtown Police Department (Jan. 19).

 It has been determined that there were three adults inside, including a woman who was 72 years old and who was rushed to a neighboring hospital for treatment but ultimately succumbed to her injuries. Chris Denham, a spokeswoman for the Elizabethtown Police Department, stated, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“It’s absolutely quite windy, and I’m convinced that was a component and involved in this,” the speaker says. “The weather is very windy.” According to statements made by witnesses to WAVE, it seemed as though strong winds were the reason for the sign’s collapse. According to the weather forecast from that time, gusts of wind could reach up to fifty miles per hour in the area.

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The three individuals had to be extricated from the vehicle by the authorities, and the two people who were injured were sent to the Baptist Health Hardin hospital with unknown injuries. Investigations into the incident are being conducted by both the Elizabethtown Police Department and the Planning Department of the City of Elizabethtown.

The United States has been subjected to severe weather conditions over the course of the previous few weeks, with at least 62 people losing their lives as a direct result of the terrible blizzard that swept through Buffalo, New York, last month.

According to the mayor of Buffalo, Byron Brown, the storm was “possibly worse than anything that this city has seen in over 50 years.” The number continued to rise as authorities throughout the city of Buffalo uncovered remains buried in snowbanks and in automobiles across the city.

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