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An Accident in Spring Hill Claimed the Lives of Three People

Early on Friday morning, there was a collision involving multiple vehicles in Spring Hill. The collision resulted in the deaths of three people. The collision took place at approximately 6:15 in the morning on January 20 in the 5000 block of Main Street/Highway 31, which is located close to Spring Hill High School and directly south of Saturn Parkway.

The accident, which involved two automobiles, was alleged to have resulted in the deaths of three people, according to the Spring Hill police. Crystal McPherson, who was originally from Arizona but currently resided in Columbia, as well as Linda Joyce Horton and David Horton, both of Spring Hill, were named by the authorities as the victims of the shooting.

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Jackson police are looking into the finding of a baby in a dumpster. The route was briefly blocked off to traffic, however, it was allowed back up around 9:45 in the morning.

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