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Accident Involving a Moped Results in the Death of West’s Leader and “Pulse,” Caroline

According to our volleyball coach at Iowa City West, Kathy Bresnahan, Caroline Found was “the pulse of our squad.” “There is not a person that Caroline met that wasn’t her friend,” Bresnahan said on Friday, after accompanying her team and scores of additional students in placing a memorial at the scene where Found was killed in a moped accident on Thursday evening. Found had been riding a moped when she was involved in the accident.

Found, who was 17 years old when he passed away, was the setter for West’s team that won the Class 4A state championship the year before. This year, he would have been a senior. At around 9:40 p.m., the moped that Found was riding became involved in an accident on Mormon Trek Boulevard in Coralville, between Hawkeye Park Road and First Street. She did not have a helmet on her head.

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The investigators questioned the witnesses and came to the following conclusion: Found was traveling in the direction of the south when she lost control of her vehicle after colliding with a curb close to a bend in the road.

The moped was found after it had collided with a tree in the median. According to the authorities, she was instantly killed by the hit. There was no evidence that either alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident.

Found was reportedly on his way home after attending a youth gathering at his church, according to the Director of Athletics at West, Marv Reiland. Around two in the morning on Friday, he was awakened by a call from Bresnahan.

According to what Reiland had to say, “It’s simply one of those tragedies you hope you never have to deal with.” “Caroline was such a young lady who loved to have fun. Everyone she met became one of her friends. “Everyone recognized her from the volleyball squad, but on the softball team, she was only a bench player. She was aware of her position.

Reiland recalls having a talk with Found earlier in the week while they were both participating in volleyball practice. Reiland commented, “She assured me that the team was going to improve from where they were the year before.” “She told me, “You wait,” and I did. We expect to make progress by the time the year is over.

“She was always like that when she was younger.” During the previous year’s championship run for the Women of Troy in volleyball, Found had a season-long assist average of 10.0 per match. She was singled out for recognition as an all-state honorable mention.

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West finished with a record of 37-7 and won the title match against Ankeny by a 3-0 score. Bresnahan, who said that she had received feedback from “someone from just about every institution from the (Mississippi Valley) Conference,” intended to get together with the Women of Troy once more on Friday afternoon. She did not provide a specific return date for the practice sessions.

She predicted that it would be challenging for the children to return to the playing field. “The power of the girls lies in their collaboration with one another. “When a young person of any age passes away, it is a terrible tragedy. However, this is a really challenging task.”

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