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After a Flag Dispute at the World Cup, an American Soccer Captain Dismisses an Iranian Reporter’s What About

Tyler Adams is skilled at both making and receiving excuses. A reporter from the Iranian official media questioned the American men’s soccer captain during a press conference on Monday and accused Adams of hypocrisy.

Press TV reporter Milad Javanmardy replied, “You say you support the Iranian people, yet you’re pronouncing our country’s name wrong. Are you okay to be representing a country that has so much prejudice against Black people, Javanmardy continued to press Adams.

Before properly responding to Javanmardy’s challenging question, Adams, 23, apologized for pronouncing “Iran” incorrectly. “I grew up in a white family, but we also plainly had African American roots. I was thus able to blend into other cultures very, very readily since I had a little bit of exposure to them.

“Not everyone can do that with that ease or talent… I believe it’s crucial to do this through education. Like you’ve just taught me how to pronounce your nation, The most crucial factor, in my opinion, is seeing development.

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The press conference on Monday was unusual because both Adams and U.S. coach Gregg Berhalter fielded a barrage of pointed inquiries, covering topics like why the American government hasn’t withdrawn a naval ship from Iran’s territorial waters and why Iranian citizens aren’t allowed to enter the country.

The U.S. Soccer Federation has come under fire from Iranian state affiliates for posting the Iranian flag on their social media pages without including the Islamic Republic of Iran’s insignia. For a 24-hour period, U.S. Soccer stated it will change the flag to show “support for the women in Iran fighting for basic human rights.”

State-run Iranian media responded by suggesting on Sunday that the United States should be disqualified from the World Cup and suspended for ten games. Adams was questioned by Javanmardy, a representative of Press TV, which is a division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, appoints the corporation’s leader.

Of fact, when it comes to the persistent racism in America, Javanmardy is not mistaken in general. However, his targeted interrogation is a part of a larger pattern of what autism used by Iranian state affiliates to hide the country’s ongoing abuse of human rights. Adams, the tournament’s youngest captain, expertly demonstrated the blatant absurdity of it all.

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