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Airline Worker Pulled into Plane’s Engine in Fatal Accident at Alabama Airport

Airline Worker Pulled into Plane’s Engine in Fatal Accident at Alabama Airport. During a deadly accident that occurred at an airport in Alabama, a member of the ground crew for an airline was pulled into the engine of the plane.

The latest information regarding the accident that occurred on Saturday at the Montgomery Regional Airport and resulted in the death of a ground crew employee working for a subsidiary of American Airlines was disclosed by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

“The aircraft was parked at the gate with the parking brake set when a ground support personnel was ingested into the engine,” the agency stated in a statement. According to the government, an investigation into the accident is currently underway, and a preliminary report is anticipated to be released in around two to three weeks.

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In the incident, one of the aircraft involved was an Embraer 170 flown by Envoy Air, which is a regional carrier and a subsidiary of American Airlines. According to the officials, before the disaster, the flight was scheduled to take off from Montgomery and head to Dallas-Fort Worth.

According to the airport, the deceased was a member of the ground crew with Piedmont Airlines, which is another American affiliate. According to a statement released by the airport, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the AA/Piedmont Airlines employee’s family and ground crew at this time.”

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