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In 2022, 99 Young Indonesians Will Died From Serious Kidney Damage

Acute kidney injury (AKI) has claimed the lives of close to one hundred children in Indonesia this year, according to an official from the health ministry who spoke on Wednesday as a team of specialists analyzes the surge in reported cases.

The increase in fatalities comes at the same time that the government of Gambia is investigating the deaths of seventy children from acute kidney injury (AKI) linked to paracetamol syrups used to treat fever. These syrups contained excessive levels of ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol.

According to officials at Indonesia’s food and drug administration, these products are not accessible locally, and the substances that make them up are now prohibited from being included in any therapeutic syrups for children sold in the nation.

Mohammad Syahril, a spokeswoman for Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, stated on Wednesday that as of Tuesday, the country’s authorities had recorded 206 cases of acute kidney injury (AKI) among youngsters, of which 99 had resulted in the child’s death. Read more: East Kent Hospital Baby Deaths: Reviewing Past Failures in Respect to Death Rates.

“The ministry has asked all health workers in all health facilities to temporarily stop prescribing or providing any liquid or syrup medication until our research and investigation is complete,” he said at a news conference, adding that 65 percent of the cases had been treated in Jakarta. “This is a preventative measure,” he said.

young Indonesians will died
young Indonesians will died

He stated that the Ministry of Health had obtained specialized drugs to treat the condition to address the rise in AKI cases. Meanwhile, a study into the root reason is still ongoing.

Indonesia has assembled a group of health and pediatrics authorities from the local government and representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) to investigate the recent surge in the incidence of AKI in children. Experts from the WHO looking into instances in the Gambia were being consulted. Read more: According to Sheriff’s Reports, a Deltona Couple Was Murdered in their home with their children.

Reuters obtained a letter from the Ministry of Health dated Tuesday, demanding that hospitals gather any medications that families had given to children who were taken to the hospital with AKI so that toxicology testing could be performed.

In the same letter, it was suggested that pharmacists halt the sale of medicine based on syrup until further notice.

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