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Amazon Warehouse Shooting in Chandler Leaves Suspect Dead, 1 Injured

After two shootings at an Amazon plant in Chandler, police say one suspect is dead and another is hurt. A suspect drove to the staff parking area in the back of the Amazon Flex Warehouse near McQueen and Queen Creek Roads at roughly 9:30 on December 14 and hopped out to start shooting, according to Chandler Police.

Bryton Bobbitt, an Amazon employee, said, “As soon as I saw colleagues running, I just put my van in drive and got out of here as quickly as I could.” A contract employee for Amazon was shot. He received many gunshot wounds and was brought to a hospital with serious injuries. He should survive, according to the police.

Amazon employee Nick stated, “I just heard popping, four or five pops, then got into a coworker’s car and drove off, and then we sat for a minute, and then we started hearing additional shots.” The suspect was shot by a second Amazon contract worker who was carrying a rifle and had allegedly witnessed the incident.

“He did assist a person who had been shot by a suspect. As a result, I would consider him a good Samaritan “said Sgt. Jason McClimans. The suspect was found deceased in the parking lot when the police got to the scene.

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No names were disclosed. The suspect does not work for Amazon. At this point, it is unknown why the incident occurred. According to the police, the gunshot was an isolated event and did not involve an active shooter.

“This senseless act of violence in our parking lot leaves us very disturbed. We’re carefully collaborating with law enforcement as they look into the matter and are concentrated on helping our employees through this trying time “said Richard Rocha, a spokesman for Amazon.

Following the incident, the complex’s operations were put on hold, and all of its staff members and partners were sent home with pay, according to Rocha. The Amazon official did not immediately provide any other information regarding the shooting’s circumstances.

Contractual Amazon Flex drivers and others pick up items at the Chandler complex to deliver them to clients usually the same or the following day. The large suburb of Chandler is roughly 20 miles (32 km) southeast of the center of Phoenix.

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