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Anne Jakrajutatip Net Worth: How Rich She Is In 2023?

Jakkaphong “Anne” Jakrajutatip is a successful businessperson and television executive who was born in Thailand. Her media distribution company, JKN Global Group PCL, is situated in Thailand, and she serves as the chief executive officer there.

She is an ardent supporter of transgender rights and established a foundation to help that cause. She is also known by the name Anne JKN, which is another name for her. Around the time she turned 21, the Thai businesswoman joined the video-rental company that her family-owned.

She has experience working in the creation of documentary DVDs and is a licensed distributor of films as well as other forms of video entertainment. In addition to that, she is a well-known reality television star in Thailand.

Jakkaphong “Anne” Jadrajutatip, who also goes by the name Anne JKN, is the owner and CEO of a prosperous media firm in Thailand. She is also an advocate for members of the transgender community. She has just lately reached an agreement to buy the Miss Universe Pageant.

How Much Money Would Anne JKN Spend Compete For The Title Of Miss Universe?

According to CNN Business, Jakrajutatip has acquired Miss Universe for the price of twenty million dollars. The Miss Universe competition will be run by her company, JKN Global Group PCL, from this point forward. Following the completion of this acquisition, Jakrajutatip will become the first woman to own the Miss Universe Organization.

Donald Trump, a former candidate for president of the United States, was a former owner of the Miss Universe Organization. Crystle Stewart, a previous winner of Miss USA, was elected to the position of president of the organization last year. On the other hand, Jakrajutatip will assume control of the Miss Universe Organization, which encompasses the Miss USA Pageant.

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Due to allegations of inappropriate behavior during the contest, Stewart has been removed from the competition indefinitely. The business owned by Jakrajutatip has the intention of growing the Miss Universe brand in Asia by distributing products such as skincare and cosmetics.

According to Jakrajutatip, gaining the rights to the Miss Universe pageant would assist in promoting Thailand’s “Five F-factors” tourist campaign. According to Reuters, these five factors include “fighting” (more specifically, Thai boxing), “film,” “festival,” “fashion,” and “food.”

Anne Jakrajutatip Net Worth: How Rich She Is In 2023?

Anne Jakrajutatip has amassed a substantial personal worth and established a successful business empire.
anne jakrajutatip career. According to Elite Plus Magazine and Forbes, Jadrajutatip is reported to have a net worth of $210 million, which is equivalent to 6.37 billion baht.

Anne Jakrajutatip Net Worth

Although she expressed a desire to be known as a “Thai trans woman billionaire,” it is important to keep in mind that this refers to wealth measured in Thai baht, not in dollars. It is estimated that she possesses 6.37 billion baht in assets.

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