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Are Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo Still Together?

Ciara Miller and Amanda Batula, stars of the Netflix series Winter House, recently updated fans on the romance between Craig Conover and his closest friend, Paige DeSorbo. Ciara said that the couple is “so nice” and together at the moment despite the difficulties they faced throughout the second season of the reality show.

She said that when they filmed the Winter House earlier this year, the couple was “still so early in their relationship,” However, they’ve since come a long way and are in a much better position today. This article will discuss Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo’s Still Together.

Are Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Still Together?

Paige and Craig became reality TV stars thanks to their Bravo shows, and they met and started dating on air. Friends since high school, the Southern Charm entrepreneur and the New York City fashionista started dating that year’s autumn.

Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Still Together
Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Still Together

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When Did They Both Start Dating?

In 2019, Paige and Craig first met and immediately fell in love, but their fate was sealed. Before reuniting in September of 2021, both had been in casual romances and hookups.

Paige’s major flings included roommate Andrea Denver in the first season of Winter House. Even though Craig was seeing someone else then, he and the other cast member became good friends during filming.

By April 2021, they were both single, and Paige frequented Craig’s hometown during her visits. Even though they wouldn’t be legally allowed to use the term “boyfriend and girlfriend” until October 2021, the pair were overjoyed to share their excitement at coming out.

“The three years ago I came to the Hamptons for Kyle’s birthday party was the first time we both realized we had feelings for each other. It’s safe to say that we’ve always had a mutual attraction, “Craig revealed to the public. The friendship between the two of them, he said, developed into a romantic connection organically.

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Are Craig Conover And Paige DeSorbo Engaged?

Craig and Paige take their relationship to an extreme, but the stylist shows no signs of wanting to pop the question anytime soon. After Carl and Lindsay’s engagement was announced at Bravocon 2022, the Giggly Squad podcast host told Us Weekly that she was furious because now everyone wants to know when she and Craig will tie the knot.

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