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Biden’s Defense of Democracy Serves as a Potent Call to Change the Election’s Outcome

Americans needed to hear Joe Biden’s passionate defense of democracy. However, that was not the message that Americans want to hear from their president right now: that help for the skyrocketing expense of living is on the way.

A few blocks from the US Capitol, which the mob of former President Donald Trump ransacked on January 6, 2021, Biden’s address on Wednesday was an effective way to win the election. if not for the election that will be held the following week.

That doesn’t mean the warning was unnecessary. We can’t take democracy for granted anymore, Biden said, underscoring the grave threat that political violence and election denialism represent to America’s essential ideals. Who will protect this historic legacy if a president doesn’t? What happens when a president decides to attempt to destroy democracy for personal advantage is demonstrated by the chaos and violence that Trump incited following the 2020 election.

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, President Joe Biden discusses risks to democracy ahead of next week’s midterm elections at the Columbus Club in Union Station, close to the U.S. Capitol in Washington. Prior to the midterm elections, Biden issues a strong warning regarding political violence: We can no longer take democracy for granted.

Deeply personal in nature, Biden’s address reflected his own perspective on the task history had assigned him. Given that they are only five days until the midterm elections, which will feature a large number of pro-Trump politicians spouting his rigged election bullshit, it was also quite political.

And it occurred only days after the most appalling instance of political violence to date—the assault on Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Speaker’s 82-year-old spouse. And because Biden ran for president in 2020 with the promise to preserve America from what he regards as Trump’s aspiring dictatorship, it was both a declaration of a mission unfulfilled and a probable prelude to a 2024 presidential confrontation between the 45th and 46th presidents.

What Is The Real Purpose Of The Election?

There should be multiple issues at stake in elections. Voters are allowed to chew gum while walking. But the terrible reality is that the threat to democracy seems visceral in Washington, where even a brief look at the imposing Capitol dome serves to remind politicians and their media scribes of the horror of January 6.

However, the relatively esoteric and antiquated idea of self-government is less of a gut-check issue in Pennsylvania’s rural heartland, Arizona’s suburbs, and cities worldwide. It is the simpler one—feeding a family. This election is less about the principles of America’s founding fathers and more about how much a gallon of petrol or a cart full of groceries will cost.

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, voters wait in line outside a polling place in Milwaukee. The first early voting day in Wisconsin is Tuesday. Photo by Morry Gash for AP. Some midterm election voters’ party preferences become more rigid due to high inflation.

Patricia Strong, a retired woman from Scottsdale, Arizona, told CNN’s Tami Luhby that “everything was cheaper under Trump,” and “We were looking forward to retirement because everything was fantastic.” Retirement funds have been harmed by declining stock markets, and Americans who have credit card debt suffered another setback on Wednesday when the Federal Reserve increased its short-term borrowing rate by an additional 0.75%.

There are worries that the Fed’s plan could cause a recession and destroy one of the Biden economy’s strongest features—the low unemployment rate. While inflation will decline and economic harm may be rectified, Biden’s thesis implies that the present race, with its hordes of anti-democratic Republican candidates, may result in political wreckage that is irreparable.

But in such a bleak political climate, Democrats will have a difficult time arguing their case. In any case, Biden’s call for national unity is ignored by the millions of Republicans who believe Trump’s lies about the 2016 election. His low level of support is detrimental.

For instance, according to a recent CNN/SSRS poll released on Wednesday, 51% of Americans indicated the economy and inflation were the main factors influencing their midterm vote. The only other topic in double digits, abortion, which Democrats hoped would save them on Election Day after the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade this summer, polled 15% of potential voters. Additionally, only 9% of respondents supported voting rights and election integrity, which were the main topics of the president’s speech on Wednesday night.

However, Biden effectively urged voters to cast their votes based on an issue that was far down on their list of concerns. WASHINGTON, DC – 7th August On August 7, 2021, in Washington, DC, during a rare Saturday session, people can see the exterior of the US Capitol. Before the August recess, the Senate will vote on changes to the legislation for the $1 trillion infrastructure measure.

CNN Survey: Prior to next week’s congressional election, Republicans, buoyed by enthusiasm and economic worries, retain a slim lead. “This year, I hope you’ll make the future of our democracy an important component of your decision to vote, and how you vote,” he said.

He said, “Verdict that person accepts the result of the election, win or lose?” at the conclusion of a campaign in which a number of GOP hopefuls had not made clear that they would respect the will of the people. A poor economic plan makes Trumpism possible.

It’s not like Biden hasn’t brought up the topic of high prices. His argument is that the enormous sums of money he proposes to spend domestically will cut health care costs, support working families, and generate millions of jobs. That may be the fact, but nothing can take away the anguish we are experiencing right now.

Although Biden may be speaking at odds with the audience on these topics, they are connected in a tragic way that he failed to highlight in his speech on Wednesday night at Union Station. The election conditions that look likely to restore Trumpism to power, in the form of a volatile, extreme GOP majority at least in the House of Representatives, with the Senate still hanging in the balance, were created by the president’s failure to control inflation and the worries of a nation already demoralized by a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Throughout history, inflation has frequently been a destructive political force that sows the seeds of extremism and creates voter despair. Politicians are extremely afraid of it, which is why it is puzzling that the Biden White House initially didn’t take the price increase that seriously and kept stating that it was a “transitory” issue brought on by Covid-19.

In addition, the president reiterated his demand for national unity that he made in his inaugural speech in front of a Capitol that was still wounded by violence in 2021. He clarified that “the defeated former president of the United States refuses to accept the results of the 2020 election” as the main reason why American democracy was being attacked.

He misused his authority and put his own loyalties ahead of the Constitution. In order to avoid offending every Republican voter like he did earlier this year when he used the term “semi-fascism,” Biden stated, “And he’s made the Big Lie an article of religion in the MAGA Republican Party – a minority of that party.

The president added that the threat posed by Trump now was far greater than it was during the 2020 presidential race. The president sounded the alarm, saying, “As I stand here today, there are candidates competing for every level of office in America: for governor, Congress, for attorney general, for secretary of state, who won’t promise – who won’t commit to recognizing the outcomes of the elections they’re running in.”

As a result of the pushback against Barack Obama’s first Black administration, Biden also made hints that he didn’t understand Trump’s MAGA followers, who have embraced his anti-democratic, populist, and nationalist pitch to mostly White voters. The 44th president has recently been speaking out against Trump and defending democracy on the midterm election campaign road.

Biden stated, “You can’t love your nation only when you win. The president is correct; recognizing the results of an election by the loser is essential to democracy. This is why Trump’s actions in 2020 were so offensive since his stubbornness to concede defeat affected other elections. It did damage that would far outlive the shockwaves of one presidency by tearing at the core tenet of the political system that made America great two and a half centuries before Trump entered politics.

But the core of the Trump statement runs directly counter to Biden’s reasoning. Such voters can only love their nation when their party wins, as they view the Democrats they lose to as being hostile to their conception of the United States. The current big political conflict, which will not only be played out on Election Day next week but also in the elections of 2024 and beyond, is centered on these opposing interpretations of what America actually means.

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