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Big Mouth Season 6: Cast, Plot, and Everything Else We Know!

A new season of Big Mouth, Netflix’s raucous animated comedy about coming of age, will be available to stream in 2019. Season five ended with viewers saying goodbye to the pupils of Bridgeton Middle School, and the door was left open for more growth and development for the characters. Throughout the season, characters discovered themselves and came to terms with life itself, and they evolved as a result.

Nick Kroll helped him conquer his hatred worm, and he is now ready to make apologies with his buddies in Season 6 of the series. With her newfound awareness of her bisexuality, Jessi rediscovers her friendship with Missy and embarks on a romantic relationship with Ali. Finally, Jay recognizes that he is better suited to Matthew than Lola and chooses him.

As with prior seasons, Season 5 received tremendous praise. There were some major character changes, and viewers will notice that the characters presented in the first season aren’t necessarily the same ones introduced in the sixth. There were no huge cliffhangers in Season 5, but we do know what to expect in Season 6 in terms of developing romances and repaired friendships.

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The cast of Big Mouth Season 6

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