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‘Bokura No Yoake’ gets Anime movie adaptation! Here is everything you must know!

Anime movie adaptations of Tetsuya Imai’s novel Bokura No Yoake aka Break of Dawn will be released in 2022. Tetsuya Imai illustrated and wrote the science-fiction manga, Bokura No Yoake (popular for Alice & Zoroku). There have been two tankonbon volumes of the manga since the first chapter was published in 2011. In Kodansha’s Afternoon seinen manga magazine, the manga was published under the Afternoon KC label and serialized.

On Friday, the Avex Pictures studio’s Twitter account made the announcement. The Orbital Children, King of Prism, Summer Ghost, and a slew of other hits are the work of this studio.

According to a graphic that was shared, ‘Bokura No Yoake’ would be released in Japan in early Fall 2022.

Complex house plans are seen in an image that has been circulated. As the sun rises, a boy can be seen on the roof of the building, observing it from a distance.

A teaser trailer for the Bokura No Yoake movie was also streamed on the Break of Dawn anime’s website.

Bokura No Yoake trailer

A trailer for the next Bokura No Yoake film was released by Avex Pictures on March 18th, 2022. There is a glimpse of the futuristic planet in this trailer. We get a glimpse of the protagonist’s home in the trailer. The first lines of Gustav Holst’s famous classical aria “Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity” can be heard in the background.

The description of teaser trailer describes the plot as:
Summer, 2049 A.D. A boy meets an “unknown being” from outer space. An unprecedented top-secret mission begins 27 years later.

Bokura No Yoake Plot

Taking place in the year 2038, Bokura No Opening revolves around Yuuma Sawatari, an elementary school student who is obsessed with all things celestial. When his parents bring home a robot named Nanako, everything changes for him. The first time Yuuma sees Nanako, he thinks of her as a domestic robot. However, when Nanako’s system malfunctions and an unknown entity takes control of the robot, Yuuma’s perception of Nanako changes. Whether or not the extraterrestrial will be able to return to its home planet is the climactic question addressed in Bokura No Ending.

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Yuuma Sawatari, an elementary school student in 2038, has a passion for astronomy and space exploration. As soon as his parents purchased a robot named Nanako, his excitement turned to disappointment when he found she was nothing more than an uninteresting housekeeping robot. He finally attempts to speak with her about space, but something unexpected occurs. When her computer crashes, she is taken over by what appears to be an alien ship stranded on a desert island! Is Yuuma up for the challenge of helping the alien ship return to space? (According to MangaHelpers, this information is correct)

When will Bokura No Yoake movie release?

The release date of Bokura No Yoake has been officially set for early Fall 2022 by Avex Pictures. This is all we know about the event so far. There’s a good chance that the film will be released on the big screen in Japan in early October, perhaps on October 7 or 14.

To celebrate the movie adaptation, Imai shared a PV


Which OTT will stream the Bokura No Yoake movie?

Bokura no Yoake is expected to be streamed on Netflix and Crunchyroll/Funimation after its theatrical debut.

Bokura No Yoake – Manga vs Anime

The Seiun Award-nominated masterwork SF juvenile manga, originally serialized in “Afternoon” (published by Kodansha), will be animated. From January 25th, 2011, through October 25th, 2011, the manga enjoyed a successful run. The plot and plotline of the film will be similar to those of the manga, albeit with a few tweaks.

Bokura No Yoake’s cast and characters have not been updated by the studio. As the premiere date approaches, we may expect to learn more about the film.

Bokura no Yoake movie updates will be coming soon! You can also find more of this type of information by visiting this page.

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