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9+1 Shows Like Business Proposal You Should Add To Your Watch List! ++++

Everyone loves a good love story, and who doesn’t? Love and trust bloom as you watch this with your companion, although love does not always come easily, as this episode shows briefly. Business Proposal, a South Korean television series based on HaeHwa’s The Office Blind Date, was produced by Kakao Entertainment and StudioS and directed by Park Sun-ho. The series, which was written by Han Sul-hee and Hong Bo-hee and premiered on SBS TV on February 28, 2022, centers on the love tale of Shin Ha-ri and Kang Tae-mu, who meet on a blind date.

It’s Jin’s birthday, and she’s going on a blind date with Kang Tae-mu instead of him. When Kang Tae-mu desires to marry Shin Ha-ri, the dilemma arises, as does the revelation of Kang Tae-false mu’s identity. IMDb and MyDramaList users gave the show a combined 9 out of 10 stars, indicating that nearly all of the people who watched it were fans. If you liked Business Proposal, you’ll enjoy these ten similar shows, all of which are available for free viewing here.

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

The first of these shows, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, was produced by Drama House and JS Pictures and directed by Lee Hyung-min. Do Bong-soon, a young woman blessed with supernatural abilities, and Ahn Min-hyuk, the CEO of the video game firm Ainsoft, are the focus of the tale, which aired from February 24 to April 15, 2017. Well, at first she aims to wow her crush by being an ideal lady. While working as a bodyguard in Guk-doo, Ahn Min-hyuk catches her eye and they develop a romantic relationship. As a result, it quickly rose to the top of the charts in Korea as one of the most popular shows. IMDB and MyDramaList both gave it 9 out of 10 stars, and it has garnered numerous accolades and nominations. If you enjoy romantic comedies with strong female leads, this is the show for you.

Where You Can See a Brave Girl Sooner rather than later: Originally broadcast by JTBC, the show may now be seen in certain countries on Netflix and Disney+ as well.

2. Dali And The Cocky Prince

The series, also known as Dali and Gamja-tang, is written by Son Eun-Hye and Park Se-Eun, directed by Lee Jung Seob, and released by Monster Union and Copus Korea. An endearing tale of Kim Dali and Jin Moo-budding hak’s romance, the show ran from September 22 to November 11 of the same year. There are two characters in this story: Kim is the daughter of a wealthy family and Moo-hak is a restaurateur who owes him money. However, instead of recouping his losses, he aids her in her recovery. With more than 9 ratings on every platform, viewers and critics alike had a positive reaction to the series.

You can only view all episodes of Dali and the Cocky Prince on the KBS2 network.

3. Touch Your Heart

Originally titled Touch Your Heart, the web book of the same name by Lee Myung-suk and Choi Bo-rim was adapted for the big screen by Park Joon-Hwa. A love story that ran from February 6 to March 28 of this year to positive reviews from viewers. It has been nominated for numerous accolades for its storyline, which is well acclaimed by audiences. How will it feel if a high-flying actress is forced to work as a secretary for a lawyer to clear her name? Every episode in this series portrays the same scenario.

Known by her stage name, Oh Yoon-Seo, Oh Jin-career shim’s has been ruined by a controversy. A huge role in a forthcoming movie came her way after more than two years of joblessness, but was it all that easy? No. After a brief stint as a secretary for lawyer Kwon Jung-rok, she finds herself in a whole new position. The rest is up to you to figure out how they ended up together. The sooner you view it, the more you’ll learn.

All episodes of Touch Your Heart are available on the tvN network, which airs the series.

4. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Originally released as a webtoon on KakaoPage, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is based on Jung Kyung-novel Yoon’s of the same name. The webtoon has nearly ten ratings. Written by Jung Eun-young and directed by Park Joon-Hwa, it will air from June 6 to July 26. Lee Young-Joon and his secretary Kim Mi-soo, who has worked for him for nine years, are the focus of the series, which was produced by Bon Factory Worldwide. As he begs her to stay, he enlists the aid of his best friend, and Young-Joon and Mi-so soon learn about their harrowing past as kidnapped children. This is one of the best and most highly rated series that has won numerous accolades. It revolves around a whole mystery with love growing in between.

What To See And When To See It Is Secretary Kim a problem?: To see it, you’ll need to subscribe to tvN.

5. The Secret Life of My Secretary

Originally titled How to Train Your Dragon, Kim Ah-Jung and Lee Kwang-young collaborated on the series’ scripts. The series, which aired from May 6 to June 25, 2015, was produced by Beyond J and got an average rating of more than 9 out of 10. There are times when we lose our ability to recognize faces, and we can only remember the faces of the people we care about. This series, too, follows the same formula. To figure out who is on his side and who is against him, the manager of a mobile company’s marketing department partners up with his secretary. As a result, he fell head over heels in love with her. Is there a chance he’ll always be able to tell her apart? Watching the show is the best way to learn about it.

The Secret Life of My Secretary is a 30- to 40-minute series that airs on SBS TV.

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6. True Beauty

Written by Lee Si-Eun and directed by Kim Sang-hyeop, the series is produced by Bon Factory Worldwide and Studio N and based on the Line Webtoon of the same name, which is released by Studio N. The series, which premieres from December 9, 2020, through February 4, 2021, focuses on how makeup can convert someone into a prince or princess, and how bullying someone badly impacts that person. Teenage girl Im Ju-Kyung is ridiculed and disregarded by her peers and family because they think she’s ugly. She makes the same decision to change her appearance by applying make-up as she did.

On the other hand, her classmate Lee Su-ho, who is well-liked by his female classmates, desires solitude and to be immersed in his world. As the three people get to know each other, they find comfort in each other’s company. Well, the series is a work of art, and the crowd gave it a standing ovation.

True Beauty is available to stream on tvN.

7. Youth of May

You may catch the first episode of Youth of May on May 3, 2021, from Story Hunter Production and Moon Jun-Moon ha’s Jun-ha Production (KBS Drama Production). Business Proposal is a short part of the story written and directed by Lee Kang and Song Min-yeob. The narrative of medical student Hwang Hee-Tae and nurse Kim Myung-Hee, set in 1980 during the Gwangju Uprising, is told in the film Youth of May.

Shin Ha-ri and Kang Tae-mu were also introduced in the Business Proposal. For a plane ticket to Germany, Hee-Tae attends a meeting set up by her father and meets with Myung-Hee, who has agreed to stand in for her friend Soo-Ryeon at the meeting. In the democratic rivalries, though, their love blooms.

Youth of May can be seen on KBS2 (South Korean Broadcasting System).

8. Marriage, Not Dating

South Korean television series, starring Lee Jong-Jae and written by Joo Hwa-mi and directed by Song Hyun-Wook, aired from July 4 to August 23, 2014. The series tells the narrative of two people, one who has no interest in marriage, and the other who thinks that marriage is the only thing she deserves in life. As a medical surgeon, Gong Gi-Tae works with patients, while Joo Jang-mi works at a retail store. He brings Joo Jang-mi with him so that he can finally give up on the marriage proposals from his parents. However, will it be so simple for the two people with opposing desires? It’s time for you to learn.

All episodes of Marriage, Not Dating are available on tvN.

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9. Something About 1 Percent

An adaptation of Hyun Go-novel Woon’s was produced and directed by Kang Cheol-woo.
focuses around Lee Jae-in, the heir apparent of a prominent family, and Kim Da-Hyun (played by actress Kim Da-Hyun). The heir’s grandfather was behind their meeting, and the heir must marry her to inherit the family’s wealth. They had a rocky start to their story, but they eventually fell in love and the romance was complete.

Where to Watch Something About 1 Percent: Dramax is the place to go.

10. Introverted Boss

Song Hyun-Wook is the director and Joo Hwa-mi is the writer of My Shy Boss and Sensitive Boss. The love tale of Eun Hwan-ki and Chae Ro-Woon is the focus of this Korean television series, which ran from January 16 to March 14 of this year. Because of his quiet demeanor, no one knows Eun very well as the CEO of a corporation. During Chae’s time at her company, he quickly developed an attraction to her. She’s a bubbly young lady who’s rewarded for her hard work and dedication. She has vowed to get to know him and uncover his identity.

tvN is where you can watch Introverted Boss online for free.

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