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‘Cameron Jackson Had a Lot of Life,’ Says Boxing Coach After Remembering 15-year-old Following Shooting Near Atlantic Station

According to Cameron Jackson’s instructors, Atlanta lost a fantastic young fighter this week. Jackson is 15 years old. Over the weekend, Jackson was shot close to Atlantic Station. A 12-year-old youngster passed away next to the retail center. Jackson suffered severe injuries, and on Wednesday, authorities declared him dead.

Mark Sanders remarked, “Cameron was a great child. He was really talented to become a great fighter. Since Jackson was roughly 10 years old, Sanders has been his coach, spending the last three years at Buckhead Fight Club.

The owner of the club Terri Moss stated that Jackson’s skill was evident. The adolescent spent hours in the club and had been homeschooled, which made him stand out. He wasn’t the only person we’ve lost, according to Moss. “It’s our job to help them grow.”

Two suspects in a fatal shooting near Atlantic Station are being sought by police. The parents of Jackson, according to the two boxing experts, were another notable aspect. His mother and father were reportedly very supportive of him and his sport.

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Every day, his father was with him at the gym, according to Moss. Jackson’s mother, Tiffany Smith, drove more than an hour and a half to his lessons and waited hours until he was finished training for the day when he wasn’t, according to the teen’s coach.

Sanders added, “You look at the time and the sacrifice they made with their child, the support they offer to their son. I saw that firsthand. “More parents like that are needed.” Following the news of her son’s passing, Smith has become more outspoken. On Thursday, she denounced gun violence and urged the public to remember her son as a motivated boxer and to disregard any other stories about him.

When the other mother complained about not having the resources, the mother responded, “You know in my circumstance we had all the resources.” “The community, the environment, and the city were the three things that we were unable to handle, and that right there is something that I’m determined to change in Atlanta,” he said.

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