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Charissa Thompson Divorce: The Whole Story Behind Their Divorce

Charissa Thompson, a presenter on Fox Sports, broke down in tears as she talked about her recent divorce from sports agent Kyle Thousand.

According to court records acquired by The Blast, Thompson filed for divorce on April 19, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the basis for the breakup. Let us know more about Charissa Thompson’s Divorce

Charissa Thompson’s Statement About Their Divorce

During a new episode of her podcast with Erin Andrews on Thursday, Thompson remarked, “As one’s love story begins, another one ends.” The two were discussing Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s engagement this month.

Andrews said, “I adore and am proud of you,” which was honest.

Thompson said, “I had a sh—y week.” My parents had been married since they were 18 years old, so I never knew a time when I didn’t have a family. So when the news of my impending divorce leaked, it was undoubtedly the last thing I wanted. Even though I’ve been married and divorced before, I have faith in the institution, and I was hoping that this time it would be “for better or for worse, and all the things” when I spoke my vows.
Thompson’s second divorce was being discussed for the first time in public. At 25, she tied the knot once before, albeit unknown to whom.

“As far as the actual [divorce] announcement, it was not a choice that I did not reach overnight,” she stated. “I’ve been dealing with this privately for a while, and my health issues… a lot of that things was due to the stress that I was under to come to this difficult conclusion.

In the end, you have to make the best decision for you, which is the counsel I would give everyone. There is only one of you, and your time here is limited. So, I knew I had done all in my power to save my marriage, and I respect and love my ex-spouse despite our break up. But I just got to the point where I realized I was better off on my own.
When asked further, Thompson said, “it is humiliating now having been divorced twice.” She mentioned that she would be turning 40 in May.

charissa thompson divorce
charissa thompson divorce

She became teary as she stated, “I am embarrassed to disclose that, you know, this is now my second divorce at 40.” And then there’s the whole thing to worry about, ‘Oh, you can’t keep a man.’ thing. Oh my! What have you done? “Then you think about having kids, and I don’t have a significant partner, and there are all these additional layers of questions that you start to think about. However, that shouldn’t be used as an excuse to continue in a relationship that isn’t bringing you joy. Although it may seem inconsiderate, it is your life, and that is where I stand.

Thompson wed Thousand on December 30, 2020, in a simple ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona. Because of the prior COVID-19 limitations in California, they decided to have the wedding in Scottsdale instead.
Thompson claimed that “great individuals” had reached out to her to express their “sadness” for her hardships.

It’s not that I’m above it, but I don’t want pity. “You held my hand through the entire process as you have with so many things, for the previous divorce and this one,” she added, referring to the two times she had sought a divorce. First and foremost, it makes me pleased that my ex and I can put this behind us and go on with our lives in a civilized, mutually respectful manner. And there are no minors engaged, which is a huge plus.

Thompson has promised to discuss the divorce in greater depth in a future podcast episode, saying that “there are a few legal things” she has to sort out first.

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