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Cris Collinsworth Net Worth: How Did He Built His Financial Empire?

American-born Cris Collinsworth is an entrepreneur, broadcaster, and former professional football player. Collinsworth was a talented athlete who became well-known in the NFL as a wide receiver.

He spent eight seasons as a player for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1980s. After retirement, he embarked on a lucrative career in broadcasting. He currently regularly appears on NBC, Showtime, and the NFL Network, among other networks.

We will go into great detail about Cris Collinsworth in this piece, including his entire net worth, earnings, salary, and other business ventures.

Cris Collinsworth’s Net Worth

An approximate estimation of Cris Collinsworth’s wealth is $25 million. At sixty-three, he has accumulated a considerable amount of wealth through his football playing career. Collinsworth was a member of the Cincinnati Bengals for eight seasons during his professional career in American football.

Cris Collinsworth Net Worth
Cris Collinsworth Net Worth

After becoming one of the squad’s best wide receivers, he left the team in 1988. He currently broadcasts and comments on a wide range of sporting events for networks like HBO. He has received honours, including induction into the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame.

Cris Collinsworth’s Early Life

Anthony Cris Collinsworth was born in Dayton, Ohio, on January 27, 1959. Both of his parents were teachers, and eventually, his father became the superintendent of all the schools in Brevard County. In 1963, the family moved from Ohio to Melbourne, Florida.

Cris was four years old at the time. Eventually, Collinsworth enrolled in Astronaut High School, the principalship of which belonged to his father. Cris was naturally gifted and competed in many sports in high school, including the state championship in the 100-yard dash.

In addition, he received a high school quarterback All-American selection. After receiving a football scholarship to the University of Florida, Cris continued to show promise. He passed the Rice Owls for 99 yards, tying the record for the longest touchdown pass in NCAA history.

In the end, Collinsworth switched to wide receiver. He realized that this was his real calling after realizing that this was a wise decision. He finished the Gators career with 1,937 yards and 120 receptions. This led to fourteen receiving touchdowns.

Cris Collinsworth NFL Career

His first position was quarterback, and Florida University offered him a scholarship via the athletic quota. His graduation resulted in his induction into the University of Florida Athletic Hall of Fame.

The 1981 NFL Draft saw the Cincinnati Bengals select Cris. During his eight years in the NFL, he was a part of this team. By the end of the first season, he had become the team’s top receiver and set a new rookie receptions record. During his playing career, Cris was selected for three Pro Bowls.

Collinsworth quickly established a reputation as a serious threat thanks to his mix of height and quickness. He was about to sign a deal with the Tampa Bay Bandits in 1985 when something went wrong with his physical exam. Following that, he spent his final years as a Bengals wide receiver, catching 417 catches for a total of just under 6,700 yards. He also finished with 36 touchdowns.

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Cris Collinsworth Income Sources

The main source of wealth and income for Cris Collinsworth came from his football playing career. During his playing career, he was one of the Cincinnati Bengals’ top players. Roughly $1 million is Cris’s monthly salary.

He also makes money as a sports broadcaster and analyst. Cris has also hosted programs on WGN America. He is a member of the Jefferson Awards Board of Selectors, which grants honours to worthy government employees.

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Cris Collinsworth Awards

ΡrĖs Соllіnѕworth wаs tоwееmеd wіth Ѕроrtѕ. Еmmу Away from home in 1998 served as a “Standing Student Analyst” and hĖѕесоnd during the 1999 school year. Additionally, in 2001, the participant became a subscriber to the American Dream of Family.

The user has also acknowledged having read through the third and fourth paragraphs. Еmmу received between 2003 and 2004 in the category of “Understanding Psychology/Studio Psychology”

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