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Fahad Siddiqui Net Worth: Gain Insight Into the Dubai Bolly Star

Due to his achievements, Fahad Siddiqui is well-known in the business and entrepreneurship worlds. He has amassed a substantial fortune and is renowned for his astute business decisions.

In addition to making him wealthy, Fahad Siddiqui’s various ventures and businesses have had a significant influence on the business community.

Examining Fahad Siddiqui’s various business ventures, we may gain a better understanding of his earnings and how much money he has amassed. Read the full post below:

How Much is Fahad Siddiqui Net Worth?

In the glitzy realm of reality television, businessman Fahad Siddiqui, who was born in India, has become well-known, especially through the hit Netflix series “Dubai Bling.”Fahad Siddiqui’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $10 million. He is not active on any social media platforms.

How Did Fahad Siddiqui Make Money?

Fahad Siddiqui Net Worth
Fahad Siddiqui Net Worth

Indian-born businessman Fahad Siddiqui is well-known. Fahad started working with the Siddiqui Group of Companies in India in June 2006. In that position, he oversaw business development as executive director.

He worked for the company till June 2010. After that, he moved to pursue his dream job and started working for Orbit Corporation Limited as a salesperson. Siddiqui worked for Orbin Corporation for a full year.

He rejoined the Siddiqui Group of Companies in August 2011 in the capacity of Executive Director. However, he left his job in December 2011. Upon his hiring in Dubai as the Managing Director of Indo Rise General Trading LLC in January 2012, he embarked on a new path.

He was able to explore new territory when offered the opportunity to work at Indo Rise. The fact that Fahad starred in the Netflix series Dubai Bling is another factor in his rise to fame. The wealthy and privileged social circle in Dubai is the focus of the show.

The affluent UAE residents live a life filled with lavish parties, lavish clothing, and magnificent skylines. Fahad is among the affluent cast members of the Netflix series Dubai Bling.

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Where Did Fahad Siddiqui Get Education?

India’s Mumbai is the birthplace of Fahad Siddiqui. He completed a year of high school, from May 2001 to March 2002, according to his LinkedIn profile. After high school, he enrolled at the H. R. College of Commerce & Economics.

He received his Bachelor of Commerce degree in March 2007. After that, he enrolled at Mumbai Educational Trust and MET League of Colleges to complete his postgraduate studies in marketing management.

The Mumbai Educational Trust League of Colleges awarded him a postgraduate degree as well. You can read about Fahad’s wealthy wife’s earnings below. The couple are married.

How Much Rich is Fahad Siddiqui’s Wife?

Safa Siddiqui, a British fashion designer of Iraqi heritage, is Fahad Siddiqui’s wife. At first, Safa Siddiqui worked as a real estate agent in Dubai and earned roughly $150,000 annually.

However, Safa decided to go in a different direction and become a fashion designer. Safa presently has her clothing line with Shein, and she has made about $100,000 just from that.

October 2019 saw the marriage of Safa and Fahad. They were wed in a traditional Indian ceremony. Safa attended their wedding ceremony wearing many different outfits, including a gorgeous white bridal gown. In the post below, you can view how they looked at their wedding:


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In 2020, Safa and Fahad welcomed Alina Siddiqui as their first child. Safa confessed that having Alina wasn’t an easy pregnancy for her. In December 2022, they welcomed their second daughter via surrogacy. There is a page below where you may view their daughters:


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