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David Goggins Wife: Unveiling the Reality of His Matrimonial Union

David Goggins was a US Navy SEAL and an endurance athlete. After finishing second in the Ultraman World Championships Triathlon in Hawaii in 2006, David Goggins finished third in the renowned Badwater Ultramarathon in California’s Death Valley the following year.

In addition to penning multiple autobiographies, Goggins is the subject of “Living with a SEAL” by Jesse Itzler and the author of “Can’t Hurt Me” and “Never Finished.” Goggins also enjoys a sizable social media following. As of this writing, he has around 10 million Instagram followers alone.

2018 saw him get the VFW Americanism Award. We shall discuss David Goggins’s wife, early life, work, and personal aspects in this post.

Who is David Goggins Wife?

David Goggins Wife
David Goggins Wife

Aleeza Goggins is the spouse of David Goggins. Aleeza Goggins was the former wife of famed endurance runner David Goggins. Even still, their union was short-lived just two years before they filed for divorce.

David is currently engaged to Goggins, LLC’s executive director, Jennifer Kish. They were both stationed in Japan when they first met, and David was still in the Navy at the time. Aleeza and David exchanged vows in a small, intimate ceremony in 2005.

However little is known about their married life. David expressed his gratitude to Aleeza for being his rock and supporting him during challenging moments, such as demanding workouts, significant competitions, and a critical health condition.

Aleeza sacrificed things for David to accomplish his goals. This was particularly true when he spent a lot of time away from home. Sadly, Aleeza only lasted two years of marriage before filing for divorce in 2007. The divorce proceedings took place in the years 2007 and 2008.

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David Goggins Early Life

David Goggins was born into a Christian household on February 17, 1975, in Buffalo, New York, in the United States. He is 48 years old. David’s father is Trunnis, and his mother is Jackie.

Alongside his brother Trunnis Jr. and his parents, he grew up in Williamsville, New York. He started working at his father’s skate park when he was six years old. In 2005, Aleeza Goggins and David Goggins tied the knot.

However, in 2012, they decided to call it quits. In his book Can’t Hurt Me, David Goggins describes the horrific and continuous violence he and his family members received from their father before they moved out with their mother.

Following his release from the Air Force, David worked as a fumigator for pest control. In the end, he decided to join the Navy.

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David Goggins Military Career

Goggins initially applied to enlist in the US Air Force Pararescue. He was expelled from training once it was discovered that he had sickle cell trait. After completing his training, Goggins joined the US Air Force as a member of the Tactical Air Control Party.

His tenure as a TACP from 1994 to 1999. Goggins left the US Air Force after that. After that, due to various ailments, he had to retake the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL course three times. Goggins finished his training in 2001.

He received the NEC 5326 classification as a Combatant Swimmer following the conclusion of a six-month probationary term and SEAL Qualification Training. As a member of SEAL Team 5, Goggins served in Iraq and Afghanistan for his entire 20-year military tenure.

He graduated from the Army Ranger School in 2004. David Goggins was the 36th African-American to be a seal in the history of the United States Navy Seals.

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