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Did Lindy And Miguel Get Divorce? How Did They Get Separated?

The couple that met on MAFS, Miguel, and Lindy, have decided to split. Since they first appeared together, the couple has been the subject of rumors and questions. She is very active on social media, but since she asked for his privacy and shared photographs of their wedding, she has not mentioned Miguel.

Decision day came on Season 15, and Lindy and Miguel said they loved each other. He claimed that the more he learned about her, the more he loved her. They appeared to be fully invested in saving their marriage. Unfortunately, fate had other plans.

Another couple in Season 15 just got divorced for the second time. Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson make a cute couple. They’d broken up, reconciled, and now they were apart again. It looks like this time, it’s for good. It can, at last, be stated with certainty. Continue reading to discover what they had to say about the breakup of their relationship.

Did Lindy And Miguel Get Divorce? How Did They Get Separated?

The MAFS couple Lindy and Miguel, who was featured in Season 15 of the show, have decided to end their relationship. The information confirms what they had suspected, despite the persistent suspicions circulating about them. There have been several travels that Lindy has taken, but Miguel has not been seen on any of them.

Married at First Sight was where Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago-Medina first became acquainted. They believe that despite their best efforts, it was not intended for them to be together in the end. Lindy published her message on Instagram after going there.

Did Lindy And Miguel Get Divorce
Did Lindy And Miguel Get a Divorce

She said, “It is with great grief that I am announcing Miguel and my decision to divorce.” Lindy said, “Unfortunately, it is impossible to remain married if both individuals are not equally devoted to the success of the marriage.” The process of being married to a stranger on live television has been complicated, stressful, and perplexing for me.

Are Lindy And Miguel Still Together After ‘Married At First Sight’?

Miguel approaches Lindy in the clip to discuss an event during a football game with the other spouses. Although they don’t specify what happened, it’s evident that Miguel became frustrated with Lindy at some point during the game and didn’t tell her why. As a result, Lindy says she sobbed for 45 minutes while wondering how she could have so profoundly offended her husband.

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I’m not going to submit to this man,” Lindy declares in the MAFS tape. She continues by saying that she hopes to find a way to keep everything from blowing up in their faces, but she is unsure if that is even possible. “At this moment, I’m censoring myself so much,” she continues.

Lindy and Miguel analyze his apparent reaction to the game, with Miguel agreeing that Lindy’s suspicion of his irritation is fair but that her “perceived level of rage” is off. Lindy and Miguel chat about their issues, but the atmosphere is still heated.

Are Lindy And Miguel Still Dating Now?

In the reality show ‘Married at First Sight,’ Lindy and Miguel, alums of Season 15, divorced after one year of marriage because, according to Lindy, “it’s impossible to stay married if both people are not equally committed.”

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