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Loved One’s Fear Britney Spears, Sam Asghari Heading For Divorce

It has been stated that Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are already having difficulties adjusting to their marriage due to their many differences. She has a hard time dealing with the attention of the public, while he wants to enjoy their life together in front of others.

One of their alleged sources stated that only a few months into their marriage, they are already “butting heads.” The wedding took place in June for the happy couple. “Britney was under the impression that removing the restrictions imposed by her conservatorship would solve all of her problems.

“But while many A-listers have coping mechanisms for the attention they attract, Britney doesn’t, and that’s starting to cause tension between her and Sam,” the insider told Closer, adding, “It’s causing some members of their inner circle to fear they may be heading for a heartbreaking divorce if they can’t resolve their differences.” Britney and Sam have been married since 2003.”

“He likes going out,” says the 26-year-old personal trainer, “but it’s becoming evident that doing that with his wife is really complicated.” He “doesn’t want to be holed up at their mansion 24-7, but it feels like most times they venture out, there are problems and it’s creating some resentment on his part,” which is causing arguments and putting a strain on their marriage.

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“He doesn’t want to be holed up at their mansion 24-7, but it feels like most times they venture out, there are problems.” According to reports, Asghari’s friends have pushed him to seek some much-needed distance, but Spears continues to pursue the relationship and “does not enjoy being apart from him, which results in further arguments between the two of them.

Loved One's Fear Britney Spears, Sam Asghari Heading For Divorce

” Additionally, he is doing everything in his power to get his wife “to complete her therapy.” In spite of the challenges, the people who care about them are keeping their fingers crossed that they will both “do their best to work through these obstacles and make sure that they don’t allow anything destroys them.”

At the beginning of this month, the “Toxic” singer, who is 41 years old, made headlines after she was said to have “created a commotion” at the JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills, which is located in Los Angeles. According to others who saw what happened, she had a “meltdown” and appeared “drunk.”

According to reports, she exhibited “manic” behavior and spoke in “gibberish,” which caused her spouse to “storm out.” In a subsequent lengthy post on Instagram, she provided her response to the allegations. According to reports, the event has put pressure on Spears and Asghari to seek greater seclusion, and they have reportedly discussed the notion of moving to Montecito, which is home to a number of famous people, including Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

However, it has not been established whether or not they plan to move and whether or not they are experiencing difficulties in their marriage.

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