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Is the Black Phone Based on a True Story?

Fortunately, no. The Black Phone, a stunning 2022 film, is not based on true events. The film is based on Joe Hill’s (son of famed horror author Stephen King) 2004 short story of the same name. However, some incidents influenced by director Scott Derrickson’s childhood are noteworthy.

In the public’s view, serial killers have long been a morbidly interesting subject. The Black Phone takes place near the end of the 1970s when serial killers like John Wayne Gacy were at their most lethal. So it’s not impossible to see a character like The Grabber mingling with those twisted real-life murders. However, the creator of the original short tale, The Black Phone, has clarified that the story is not based on any genuine case.

Finney, a calm 13-year-old child with a bullying problem, is the protagonist of the film. He is the sixth youngster stolen by “The Grabber” and spends the second half of the film trapped in a sound-proof dungeon. That’s when the film elevates its thriller and mystic components, as we see him attempting everything he can to reunite with his younger sister, Gwen.

Gwen, on her part, is attempting to locate her brother using her emerging psychic ability to perceive things in her dreams. During this period, “The Grabber” is haunted by the five children he has already murdered, each of whom plays an important role in Finney’s rescue.

In The Black Phone, Who Is Grabber?

The antagonist in “The Black Phone” is Al, an obese guy whom young Finney observed attempting to load his groceries into his van. Finney wanted to aid him, only to be splattered and stunned in the process. Then he was thrown inside the truck, and as he regained consciousness, he understood it was the “Galesburg Grabber,” someone who had abducted and murdered children in the previous year.

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Finney had read about some of the victims in publications and watched news reports about them. Al was afraid that the Grabber would murder him if he took Finney’s time. Finney realized he had even soundproofed his basement, implying that he didn’t want anyone up there to hear him. A chained Finney could do nothing but wait to be tortured, drink in the restroom, and mentally prepare to die.

Is A Sequel To The Black Phone In The Works?

In a June 2022 interview, Derrickson stated that writer Hill had a fantastic idea for a sequel and that he was open to directing only if the first film was a hit. Derrickson and Hill revealed in August that they were in talks with the studio for a sequel. The sequel would be based on Grabber’s Mask, according to the writer.

Is the Black Phone Based on a True Story

What Is The Box Office Haul For The Black Phone?

The Black Phone was a critical and commercial triumph, earning $161 million and garnering praise for its performance and devotion to its source. The film’s budget was between $16 and 18 million dollars.

Where Did The Black Phone Take Place?

The filming took place at EUE/Screen Gems in Wilmington, North Carolina, and in the counties of New Hanover, Brunswick, and Columbus under the working title Static.

How Long Did “The Black Phone” Take To Make?

The script was written in six weeks, and the film was shot in 33 days.

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