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During a Chase, a Man’s Work Van Was Stolen as He Was Returning from a Family Outing to Knott’s Berry Farm

On Wednesday, a man’s family outing to Knott’s Berry Farm came to an abrupt stop when he learned that his work van had been taken amid a risky and violent pursuit. During the pursuit through the streets of Los Angeles and Orange counties, a guy stole multiple vehicles, among them John Reynolds of Anaheim’s refrigerated van.

He told Eyewitness News that when he and his kids were leaving Knott’s Berry Farm, the president of his homeowner association contacted and informed him of the situation. We noticed all the police activity as we were leaving the farm, he claimed. “Oh, this is getting too close to home,” we kind of joked about it.

Reynolds claimed that he received a call with a startling message just as he and his family were turning into the parking lot of his house. “I believe your van was stolen.” A suspect leaped out of one stolen car during a risky pursuit across Orange County and broke into a family’s house. He was driven from the house after robbing the family of their utility truck.

Reynolds admitted that at first, he didn’t trust the HOA president, but he sensed an issue. Reynolds remarked, “I felt she was half kidding or she’s obviously misinformed. If I say, “No, probably not,” and she replies, “No, John, I’m watching your vehicle on TV right now — they stole your van,” I’ll know she’s not joking.

Reynolds reportedly utilizes the chilled van to deliver fresh fruit cups and produce to convenience stores all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, according to a GoFundMe page he set up. He insisted that he locked his van before leaving.

Reynolds held up his keys and declared, “The keys are right here, and I surely lock my car every time.” “Either [the suspect] has a master key of some sort, or the automobile has been hot-wired. He clearly understood what he was doing, though, since he was able to get into another car and steal it as well when he finished with my car.”

He claimed that in order to replace it, he must now rent another vehicle. During a violent pursuit across LA and OC, the suspect assaults a police cruiser and snatches automobiles. Following a perilous pursuit in which he stole a van and a truck and collided with many other vehicles, a man was apprehended in the San Gabriel Valley.

At this moment, he stated, “I’m utterly blown away, and I’m a little stunned and dumbfounded.” “I’m still attempting to take it all in. But like I mentioned, I need to rent a van, and who knows how long I’ll have it. It places us in a challenging situation.”

Before he wrecked the stolen truck into neighboring cars and was hit by a deputy’s patrol car at a gas station in the City of Industry, the driver sideswiped cars and rammed into police cruisers during the tense pursuit. Reynolds, meanwhile, is only happy that no one in his family was hurt. The safety of his wife, himself, and his children came first, he declared.

Deputies fire into a stolen truck as a dangerous SoCal chase comes to an end. Following a perilous pursuit in which he stole a van and a truck and collided with many other vehicles, a man was apprehended in the San Gabriel Valley.

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