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Explaining the Syrax Shots During Rhaenyra’s Miscarriage

At the conclusion of the first season of House of the Dragon, there is a birth scene that is the most traumatic and horrific of the entire series. This sequence features tremendous cuts between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her dragon Syrax.

Rhaenyra goes into premature labor with her daughter Visenya shortly after discovering that her father, Viserys, has been murdered and that Aegon has usurped the Iron Throne. Visenya, however, does not survive.

The excruciating birth scene is one of the first times that Rhaenyra’s rage is truly seen in House of the Dragon. Such agony is emphasized by quick shots of Syrax, who also happens to be the mother of many dragons. This is one of the first times that Rhaenyra’s rage is truly seen in House of the Dragon.

House of the Dragon keeps cutting away to a howling Syrax for a few seconds while Rhaenyra is in the middle of having a miscarriage. It is stated that Syrax is becoming increasingly agitated and full of fury as Rhaenyra’s anguish is shown to be escalating in intensity.

The photos of Syrax taken during Visenya’s gruesome stillbirth sequence in House of the Dragon are designed to imply that Rhaenyra’s dragon is able to feel her agony, thus further exploring the profound relationship that exists between a dragon and her rider.

What Comes Of The Dragon Eggs That Syrax Laid? Why Daemons Place Such A High Value On Them?

The dwelling place of the dragon Rhaenyra Targaryen Syrax. The presence of Syrax while Rhaenyra is bereaved, in agony, and frustrated is meant to depict the release of the dragon’s hot blood from within the Queen. Syrax appears while Rhaenyra is in these states.

When Rhaenyra experiences tremendous emotions, it causes her to become one with the blood of the dragon, which in turn pushes Syrax to react in the same manner. Shots of Syrax in House of the Dragon also serve as a visual representation of the fact that Rhaenyra is not waging this war on the birthing bed alone.

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Syrax feels Rhaenyra’s suffering even as she continues to reject the assistance of the midwives and as Daemon continues to disregard her pleas. In the same way that Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen will ride Syrax into war in House of the Dragon, the dragon will also be there for the Queen as she engages in her own personal battles.

Dragons may not be able to be entirely controlled or tamed, but the attachments that they feel with their riders are intense and go beyond what is typically seen in relationships between animals and people. In a manner parallel to that which exists between the Starks and their dire wolves, the Targaryens and their dragons share potent links that go beyond simple genetic ties.

This is the reason why Vhagar refrained from torching Laena in episode 6 of House of the Dragon, and this is also the reason why Medleys was able to merely growl at and terrify the Greens without a command from Rhaenys.

It has been stated for as long as anyone can remember that the Targaryens are more than men because of their connections to dragons. The shots of Syrax and Rhaenyra in episode 10 of House of the Dragon strongly emphasize this idea.

In “House Of The Dragon,” What Ends Up Happening To Syrax?

Both Syrax and her rider will perish before the conclusion of the Dance of the Dragons, and the dragon will not participate in a significant amount of combat before their deaths. Although Syrax hasn’t had a significant amount of screen time in House of the Dragon so far, she will play a significant role in one of the most pivotal events in the Targaryen civil war.

After Rhaenyra and Daemon have successfully defeated Aegon and taken control of the King’s Landing, the Queen arrives atop Syrax. She is then locked away inside the Red Keep for the entirety of Rhaenyra’s brief reign, during which time disaster strikes very immediately.

Explaining the Syrax Shots During Rhaenyra's Miscarriage

When the Storming of the Dragonpit begins at King’s Landing in the future shown in House of the Dragon, Joffrey Velaryon, Rhaenyra’s son, makes an attempt to mount Syrax, fly her to the Dragonpit, and save the dragons that are being attacked within the Dragonpit.

However, Syrax would only allow Rhaenyra to serve as her rider, so when Joffrey tries to mount her, the dragon simply throws him off and lets him fall to his death. Rhaenyra’s dragon continues to head towards the mayhem that is occurring in the Dragonpit and assaults the smallfolk in an effort to gain the upper hand before they defeat her.

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