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Ellie and Riley, played by Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid, in HBO’s The Last of Us, are depicted in beautiful artwork by rakesharpener.

Although it may be painful to some, the hard-hitting Naughty Dog series isn’t going away anytime soon, and for good reason. Some of the most extraordinary artists are found inside the TLOU community, whose work not only astounds us but also evokes emotion.

We discovered this lovely drawing of Bella Ramsey and Storm Reid, who play Ellie and Riley in the new HBO series The Last of Us while digging through the fanart archive.

Flo, often known as rakesharpener, is a highly skilled artist in the TLOU community. Flo stands out for his meticulous attention to detail when painting and creating magnificent works of art, such as the facial model for Dina in The Last of Us Part 2, Cascina Caradonna, Ellie, and Joel.

In HBO’s upcoming series The Last of Us, Flo faces off against Bella Ramsey (Ellie) and Storm Reid (Riley). Ramsey and Reid share a lighthearted moment with the comment “Let’s be all lyrical about it and lose our minds together,” leaving enthusiastic fans of the show wondering how these two would interact when the series airs next year.

Riley Abel, from The Last of Us precursor Left Behind, was a sixteen-year-old survivor who resided in Boston if you’re unfamiliar with the Naughty Dog game. She met and befriended Ellie during her time there, and the two instantly bonded and became best friends.

Ellie discovers her immunity to the infection after Riley’s unfortunate death in the game, which plays a significant role in Ellie’s life and that of those around her.

In their stunning fanart of HBO’s TLOU, artist Lwandile Maphongwane depicts the loving bond between Ellie and Riley.

Following a few days of speculation, HBO recently revealed that Storm Reid, who starred in Euphoria, will play Riley Abel in The Last of Us. Despite the lack of an official trailer, fans are eager to see more of the new live-action series.

HBO appears to be adapting both the original The Last of Us game and its prequel, Left Behind. We’ve already seen photographs of the abandoned mall, and with Reid as Riley, we can expect more of their narrative to be told on the show. Riley is an important character in Ellie’s story, but HBO has yet to reveal their plans for him.



Riley Abel was a character from the prequel to The Last of Us, Left Behind. Riley, a sixteen-year-old survivor from Boston, met and bonded with a young Ellie, and the two became fast friends. Riley and Ellie are both bitten by Infected in a terrible moment, but only Ellie survives. Ellie discovers her immunity to the infection after Riley’s terrible death, setting the tone for the rest of The Last of Us.

Bella Ramsey (Ellie) and Storm Reid (Riley) are drawn together in a stunning painterly style by Maphongwane. The moss crawling across the frame hints at the abandoned surroundings, making an otherwise adorable photo feel all the more tragic.

The use of lighting in Maphongwane’s paintings is very stunning. There’s a tremendous sense of nostalgia and warmth in the photo, with an almost golden glow cast over the cheeks. Their delicate smiles are exquisite, and the framing of darkness and moss seems to predict the terrible end of their friendship. Maphongwane’s work harkens back to a happier time for the two sisters when sadness and grief were not so prevalent.

Ellie’s inner character growth is also influenced by Riley and Ellie’s story. The kiss between the two was a “game-changing moment” for both The Last of Us and video games in general. Their kiss was tender, deliberate, and profound. At its core, it was about representation, something LGBTQ+ gamers care about a lot.

They also look right at home in the TLOU universe with their portrayals of Reid and Ramsey. It’s clear how well both women fit into their roles, which only adds to my excitement for the HBO series. To announce her role, Reid had posted Maphongwane’s profoundly evocative portrait of Riley!

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