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Griffin Arthur Fraser, Where Are His Three Children From His Previous Marriage?

Griffin Arthur Fraser: During their father’s rise to stardom, actor Brendan Fraser’s three kids were never really thrown into the public glare… They were granted the gift of parenthood in 2002 in the form of a boy whom they named Griffin Arthur Fraser.

Short Information About Griffin Arthur Fraser

Brendan Fraser has had a remarkable and inspirational career, but he hasn’t always had it easy. If you’ve heard the actor talk about his experience with s*xual assault, you probably remember it. This occurred in 2003, and not long after, he and his then-wife Afton Smith went their ways. It was a trying period for him, but with time and support, he got through it.

He was blessed with three boys, though, and they never failed to be the sources of his greatest happiness. The kids may be adolescents and young adults now, but Brendan still considers fatherhood his priority. There isn’t a lot written about them, but here’s what we can tell you.

For How Long Did Brendan Fraser Date Afton Smith?

Even though Brendan Fraser’s marriage to the actress Afton Smith, who is the mother of his children, resulted in a divorce, this in no way indicates that the couple’s relationship was anything less than extremely loving while it was still going on. After all, they had been together for more than a decade and were the parents of three children.

As is the case with many individuals, the former couple first became acquainted through a common friend; however, in their instance, that friend was none other than the famous actress Winona Ryder. In 1993, she threw a party at her house and Brendan and Afton were among the guests that were invited.

According to reports, they hit it off right away, and it seemed as though it was love at first sight for them. Despite this, they didn’t get married until 1998 when they took their time planning the ceremony. In 2002, they were blessed with their first child, a son named Griffin Arthur Fraser.

After those two years, in 2004, they welcomed their second son, Holden Fletcher Fraser, and in 2006, their youngest son, Leland Francis Fraser, was born. A year after Leland was born, their marriage came to an end, and they split in what appeared to be a heartbreaking but uncomplicated process. They made it clear that there was no hostility between them throughout this time. Read also: Chandler Riggs Girlfriend, is He Currently Involved With Anybody Else at This Time?

What Happened After Afton Smith Defamed Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser and his ex-wife appeared to be on amicable terms at the time of their divorce, but issues surfaced a few years later. Problems began when Brendan tried to get the spousal support decreased, saying he couldn’t afford it, even though the initial agreement stipulated that they would split custody of the children and that he would pay spousal support.

griffin arthur fraser
griffin arthur fraser

Afton retaliated by accusing him of fraud since he was concealing his financial standing. Brendan assured her that nothing had been concealed from her, but that he was finding it difficult to pay the alimony since his financial circumstances had changed and he had experienced health concerns. Despite some initial tension, they were able to work out a joint parenting arrangement for their sons.

The Character of Brendan is Shared by His Children

Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith love their kids wholeheartedly, despite their troubles. Brendan adores being a dad. He’s supported them since they were little. Despite their differences, they’ve always gotten along. Brendan says they inherited his creative skills. When his boys were little, he stated, “All children are performers, and they’re the best.” Read also: Dwayne Johnson Reveals He Was Arrested for Fighting, Theft, And ‘Stupid Stuff’ Ahead of Sitcom

“Like Greek tragedians. Pure. “No, I won’t sleep! “I detest you!” Angry, scared, lustful, joyful. In actor’s school, that’s all youngsters do “Continued Brendan. The lads had seen their father’s work since they were young. When they were kids, they watched George of the Jungle, but they weren’t always fans.

“When they saw George of the Jungle, they left!” Brendan joked.

The Support That Brendan Gives to His Oldest Child

Brendan Fraser loves all of his children equally, but he spends particular care of Griffin. Griffin had autism when he was young. Brendan and Afton Smith have done everything since then to help their kid. Through supporting Griffin, they’ve become autism activists.

“Griffin’s autistic. He needs more affection, and he gets it. Since they were young, one brother was the speaker and the other the enforcer “Sharing. Brendan’s love for his son is touching. He’s seen Griffin, apparently “I observed he heals everyone he encounters. Humans are harsh. Or he manufactures them? sharpen your focus and be more compassionate. They placed him before themselves.” Read also: Florence Elsie Ellis, Youngest Child of Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite

Brendan Fraser’s life hasn’t been easy, but it’s great that he has a good attitude and a loving family.


Brendan Fraser’s son is Holden Fletcher. Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser have Holden Fletcher Fraser. The actress who plays Holden’s mother in “George of the Jungle” rose to fame for her part. Holden’s parents are also actors.

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